Thursday, February 05, 2009

But You can't Hide!

This should be an interesting post for those of you who read (and remember!) my book, You Can Run! You'll finally be able to put several faces to the names on the page.

Set loose upon Buenos Aires. Here we go again, boys!
Walter, in splendor. "I'm gonna do my Anna Nicole Smith pose," he tells me, lying in the grass. When he sees the result of the photo, he says "Carajo! I look like Anna Nicole now."

Walter hangs out at the pool of the Axel Hotel with the boys: Lair, James, and John.
Back, in You Can Run---I dragged Walter and his Gucci through the gutters of Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. Here's a pic of us, from early 2000, at Iguazu Falls.
And another from that red lake, near Uyuni, Bolivia. Just after having left Santusa--the fanged Chola of a different color...
Back in Buenos Aires, 2009---and the only picture that will ever exist of my two exes---Gabriel in the middle, Walter on the right, and Gabriel's now boyfriend Emanuel at left. Pay attention, Walter. Papparrazzi don't sleep!
Amerika: one of the last great big dance spaces in Buenos Aires. Most all the other big ones I went to back in the day have closed. So you see, the crash of the big dance space is global.
In place of the big dance space, the small venue remains. Drag queens, I've mentioned before, flourish outside the United States. Transsexuals, too. You have never seen such beautiful transsexuals as you do in Buenos Aires.

Below's a place called "Kilometro Zero", where I witnessed the ultimate tristesse: a drag queen performing for an empty house! And you thought Tango was depressing!

The audience returned from the bar when she introduced the boys, of course. But how can I notice the boys when she is giving me Miss America leg? Oh yes, she was raised right-- don't ever, ever forget the beveled toe. She is absolutely killing me!!!

My American friend Thomas lived in Buenos Aires while I did. Can't say that I'm not a bit jealous he's back living in that city--- and with his adorable, much younger boyfriend Vagner.

Here is my former roommate Sergio. In the book, I write about his alter-ego, the bearded drag queen (and ab-crunching creator of her own imaginary institute) once known as Zorba Bottoms.
My ex Gabriel, and his now boyfriend Emanuel. Aren't those the names of two angels? Fallen angels are much sexier!
I wrote about Gabriel in the book--we were together when he got me the job waiting tables on the Rio de la Plata. At the time, we were both sick with jealous exes, so it didn't exactly work out. Gabriel recalls, "Remember when we were both beat up by our boyfriends? How funny!!! "

Yeah, funny now!
And just because no discussion of You Can Run would be complete without its main character, here is Zane and I in Torres del Paine, Chile. At the end of our relationship, at the beginning of our journey.


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Those pictures you posted from 2000 are a vivid reminder of what a spectacular travel adventure your sojourn there was. And what a good book "You Can Run" is.

Anyone who hasn't read the book and is curious about places like the red lake in Bolivia, or Torres del Paine, absolutely must read it.

But even if, inexplicably, the wild places of the world aren't of interest to someone, the other wild adventures and classic "Jesse incidents" in the book surely would be.

The current news and pics of Walter, Gabriel, and Buenos Aires are a cool epilogue to the book.

What a trip (both of them).

Don said...


Thanks for posting such great pictures. It really does help to have faces to go with the book. Since I am reading it now I will print the pictures for reference as I come to each "character"!

And so many exes - wow!


Mark in DE said...

Amazing! I must get to reading your book.

Edina Monsoon said...

And the plantain banana? Were you re-united with him too?

Though I'm not sure how well Bolivian bananas age.