Saturday, January 03, 2009

They Ain't no Drag!

Australia appreciates their drag queens! The crowds can't get enough of these high-energy, happy, snappy, dance-performance drag-fests. New York City---please pay attention!

You can't go out to a club in Sydney without seeing a completely random show. Starring drag queens with names like "Mabel Syrup", "Kitty Glitter", and my personal favorite "Tora Hymen".

Here are some photos from yet another cheery camp-fest -- a party on January 1 at Homesexual.

A lone diva performs surrounded by go-go boys in gold lame
A trio of drag queens in a rowboat first paddles through the crowd, and infiltrates the stage.
Gossip girls and go-gos (who have naturally lost their pants by now--bless velcro). The show is now a medley of "I kissed a girl" and "I kissed a boy"----and they liked it!
Girl Power!
And the finale, featuring everyone---plus a Mermaid soloist! Don't ask--just adore!

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The Blackout Blog said...

The drag performances were among my favorite things about Sydney! They were always such great productions.