Sunday, January 18, 2009

Out Column--February---

OUT magazine's fabulously colorful new February issue is on the stands now. I've wanted to examine the absolutely mind-boggling ridiculous AIDS myths I found in Africa and couldn't figure out how best to do that...until realizing I could compare them with the AIDS myths we have right here in the United States.

So that's my column this month. People can convince themselves of anything, without science. Some of the AIDS myths I mention in my column are held by my own friends. I mean, honestly.

I wish they could talk to this guy David, who wrote to me recently from Miami.

David wrote that he had heard an interview I did with HERE! television about my book. He asked what I looked like, and to be detailed, because he was blind. That was a first!

We've emailed back and forth a few times and turns out David went blind from chicken pox--due to complications from AIDS. I wish those who remain wholeheartedly convinced that AIDS is a lie; that it is easily managed; that it has a cure--- would talk to David about the disease and what he's been through (at one point he was paralyzed).


Many of those living with HIV/AIDS have not gotten mired down in delusion. David's outlook and attitude is incredible. In Miami, he lives on his own (with a guide dog), goes to the gym every day, and runs his own online company. About the loss of his sight from AIDS, he writes:

What I learned to do, and perhaps was an unsuspecting gift, was a laser guided focus that was missing in my life when I could see. It seemed that every bare bottomed boy or ab rippling Adonis gave me whiplash and my penis was my guide. It's amazing what we are capable of when we don't have that visual distraction.

I hear that!


The Blackout Blog said...

Wow. When I started reading this, I thought the exact opposite of what you meant when you said AIDS myths. I.e., "I wouldn't even kiss a person with HIV because I don't want to get infected" rather than "Well, they have new medications out there, so it's really not that bad." (Though those are more HIV myths than AIDS myths.)

Anonymous said...

Jesse you are right on with your blog and column. I know how you feel when I answered forum regarding open and monogamous relationships, I said you had to take into consideration health risks like std's and aids." I got corrected in saying I should have said HIV instead of aids. I apologized. But one labeled me as a fear monger even bringing it up. I refused to apologize essentially saying I live in reality. You have to be able to talk about it, so that people take it seriously. I mean there really is no need for it to exist. We know how to greatly reduce/stop the spreading of it. Have safe sex. So I am glad you wrote the article too many are scared to hurt the feelings of those that have contracted HIV. It just doesn't even makes sense. In fact by not talking and writing about it we probably create more prejudice against gays and HIV + men. If you don't write or talk about it. That it becomes an unknown and unknowns are scary.