Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's 2009--a DISASTER!

I hope your new year's was better than mine!

Last week, I ran into a man named Tom. Tom lives between Sydney and New York City, and we met last year when my film played at the festival. So I bump into him and he invites me to a New Years Eve party at his apartment in Pott's Point. We go, and he has an incredible 8th floor view of Sydney Harbor and Bridge where all the fireworks will go off.

The apartment beside his is vacant, and I peek around the wall and as if he's reading my mind he says not to even think of climbing over there. What happens next clearly I need to speak with a therapist about. It's so predictable. My best friend once described it as "Rule #1 with Jesse is not to tell him what to do. Rule #0 with Jesse is not to tell him what not to do."

Sure enough, Tom turns his back and I climb out all Spiderman into the apartment balcony next door. Then I crawl back. Returning to his balcony, he catches me and what happens next surely Tom needs to speak with a therapist about because he begins screaming, "You think you're going to get away with this? You've been getting away with it all your life haven't you!!!"

The guy only knows me from a movie! Getting away with it? You'd think someone who lives in both Sydney and New York City and owns a kick-ass apartment with a kick-ass view of the most beautiful harbor in the world would be the one getting away with it...but no, it's me?

I apologize profusely, but Tom tells me I'm not going to get away with this! and tells me to get out of his apartment. Sure, I say, I'll leave, but not without Bam Bam. So poor old Bam Bam is produced and I tell him I'm being kicked out and Tom is mandhandling Bam, pushing on him, saying "Get out!" and literally...LITERALLY, people on the balcony are now counting down, "10, 9, 8..." to 2009.

Bam Bam doesn't budge. Instead, he does an about face, returning to the balcony without a word. I'm not leaving alone, so I follow. Tom insists I leave immediately and I say "After the fireworks." So, Tom...tosses his drink in my face!!! "2, 1,....Happy New Years!" Ha!

Not lost on the symbolism of me getting kicked out of yet another party just at the stroke of a brand new year, Bam Bam promptly....breaks up with me! He's just "done", he says definitively.

These weren't the only fireworks last night!
We got back together ;) After the ejection, things get cloudy. The night ended with Bam Bam sleeping off his drunkeness in the car until he picked me up from my friend Fluffy's house in Kings Cross where I was passed out (completely dressed) on the bed next to Fluffy--and a stranger---who were having full on sex! Not just that, there were two bombed girls yammering on in the room with us as if nothing was amiss.

Oh yeah, 2009 is off to a BANG.


Anonymous said...

At least you didn't sit home and watch television. I'd rather have had a cocktail thrown on my face!

Audrey said...

Never a dull moment. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon! I'm still waiting on my work travel plans (involving NY, Boston & Miami sometime in the next 2 weeks) but would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you as you pass through LA, if only to tell you not to do something, then kick you out for doing it. Ha ha.

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Fireworks is putting it mildly!
Those two rules your friend mentioned - Rule # 1 applies to me too, although I'm usually open to suggestion. As for rule #0, it only applies to me sometimes, since I'm a rather reluctant daredevil.
But what a night you had. Mine was totally sedate in comparison. Glad you survived yours.
And Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

dearest -

how about a new rule . . . always use the front door.

hugs -


Mister S said...

Sounds like a scene in your next untitled project.

stephen said...


You are a wild one! It is who you are...

As a stipper and a wild one also, I have been in your shoes bud,,,, many times... Paul still sleeps beside me ... 29 years!

Hugs and Happy New Year! At least it starts off interesting!

stephen said...

sometimes groveling is very humilating,, but we all have to do it now and then to keep the relationship balanced....

niko said...

You are fierce!! What was in the apartment next door that that stupid queen wouldn't let you go and see? The bodies of victimized by him guys? What a nut job..

Michael said...

I find you entertaining and admire you for blazing your own trail, but I think your behavior in this situation was just awful.

daniel said...

if this isnt proof of crazymaking i dont know what is!

Edina Monsson said...

I can't believe you have a friend called Fluffy.