Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Long Slog to Melbourne!

Did a big road trip down the coast to Melbourne. I loved the suggestions enroute.
Melbourne is adorable. A laid-back, charming cafe-culture.
Check out these trams. They're great until you have to drive behind them. Or ride on them. The trams in Melbourne are so slow I thought it was being pulled by horse.
A really unfortunate development heralded as modern and fabulous, but really just an ill-advised, sprawling mess of a mall. With a Ferris Wheel.
Bam thinks the designers of the above flop should be imprisoned. They had no constraints and just made a run-of-the-mill mess. He said design only flourishes when there are constraints put upon it. One day, I'll expand on that topic because I feel that way about all art, and some lives.

As a visual example of that notion, check out this fabulous design in the center of Melbourne. It's a shopping mall---built in and around a 19th century tower.
Below, the Yarra River. Houdini jumped into this river shackled and bound. Apparently, when he unfastend himself and emerged...someone else did too! All his mucking around under water apparently dislodged a corpse that rose to the surface with him. How's that for a magic trick?
Melbourne has a great little beach, St. Kilda. With an amusement park, a tropical coney island.
An artsy shot in Melbourne's tourist tower "Eureka"!
In the center of Melbourne, they suntan and watch cricket. Australia in a nutshell?


The Blackout Blog said...

That last picture is hilarious.

"We could build a park here..."
"Fuck that! Chairs and cricket on a screen!"

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Members of my family have visited Melbourne several times, but I haven't gotten there yet, sothanks for the cool pix.
I think Bam is on to something when he suggests that constraints on development can encourage ingenuity and creativity.
Glad you're having fun.