Wednesday, January 28, 2009

La Vida es un Carnaval!

Buenos Aires is not all that different, but nothing is the same.

The Obelisk is no different. The signature sidewalks are still broken. The city’s glory still crumbles, like an aged beauty.

I drove past the Zona Roja where the trannie prostitutes work---but they were nowhere to be found. “They’ve moved,” I’m told. “Down by the Hippodrome.” All the trannies just up and moved from their old haunt? How disturbing, their home is here. Here should always be their home!

And each time I pass a building, or a neighborhood in Buenos Aires, I think: I taught here! Or I lived here with Zane! Or this is where my friend Thomas used to live. Here is Congreso, where I met Gabriel. There’s where super clubs Oxen used to be. In an apartment over there I drank mate with that sexy Colombian singer. What happened to her? Retiro station—it’s renovated! Punta Carrasco, the restaurant where I worked, is gone.

That’s the tough thing about returning somewhere you used to live. I believe it works the same for relationships. You can’t ever, ever, ever go back. You’ve got to deal with now; have new experiences, make new memories. In the lab or on the stage, you may be able to repeat the same results. In life, you may want to. But you will always be disappointed if you try to re-create the past.

This concept is the most difficult for me to accept: yes it is prologue, but the past does not exist.


Buenos Aires Apartments said...

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Wishing said...

The past does change and you are so right - we can never go back but then that may be a good thing - lots of relationships and adventures to look forward to!! It is hard to "sparkle" in the past!