Monday, January 19, 2009

Jesse Archer's ABS in ten minutes!

This is definitely the gayest thing you've heard all year. Perhaps all century.

Since I was such an oinker down in Australia I've become a little -gasp!- gay fat! Give me a some time and I promise I'll whip back into shape, but in the meantime--what's a gay to do?

I have an answer, an answer that I really should market and make a million dollars, but instead I'm just going to share it with you here for free! This technique is a little bit incriminating because I'm about to give away one of my secrets ---and we all know I don't have many of those!

But when I got back from Australia, I took out the bleach and bleached my hair (orange) and then I...gave myself an instant six pack. You see, I have just enough hair on my stomach that I can bleach myself a set of abs!

Bleached abs---fool them with the illusion of a real six pack!

A little bleach, and some careful shading around where your abs should be, and presto!

Smoke and mirrors, people.
I told you so. That is the gayest thing you've seen all year--admit it!

Ok, well it may be the gayest thing you've seen all year if you haven't seen this chandelier made entirely of gummi bears!


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Bleached abs - now that's innovative, to say the least. The fitness mags would never have come up with that one on their own.
Maybe I'll give it a try, since sit-ups and crunches haven't done it for me yet. Just pray I don't send you before and after photos.
BTW, followed the link to the lamington recipe - unbelievable! No wonder you had to take desperate measures when you got back.

Eddie in OKC said...

Can I buy you a drink Saturday night?

Scott said...

Is that a Snuggie in the foreground?

Jesse said...

Hi Eddie--I'm leaving tomorrow for Argentina!!

Eddie in OKC said...


Does that mean you would have? Were you home?

have fun :(

Jesse Archer said...

of course! When are you next in town? xx

Eddie said...

Probably November :(

Mauricio Caballero said...

You're in Argentina already?? that means you're coming back to Honduras? PLEASE SAY YES!!! I would love to see you again!! you and your fake ABS lol



Gail said...

Hey Jesse, thanks for the link to my site (Gummy Bear Chandelier). I like your blog! Gail xo

Anonymous said...

Do you use clorox type of bleach? It actually works rather well since you have a flat stomach to begin with.