Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

President Obama! What a beautiful benchmark for our country!

8 years of Bush are over, and the lingering resentment I have toward that criminal era is----not so much Bush, but the fact that Americans elected that pigheaded joker into office!!!

Here's hoping/looking forward to an open, honest and progressive Obama administration!

Wish I were in Washington DC today
The pic above is on the balcony of the Newseum in DC. It's an interactive museum on news and journalism and definitely worth a visit.

One glaring fault I found with the Newseum, is that it has nothing on censorship. Nothing on the fact we aren't allowed to see photos of coffins from Iraq, falling bodies from the burning World Trade Center. What about the gruesome-ness in Gaza?

The best example I can think of is the egregious refusal of the American press to publish the Danish cartoons of Mohammed. The New York Times published on its front page the Danish embassy on fire in (was it Syria?) but did not bother to print the cartoons that incited the violence. Cartoons! You can't write fiction this far-fetched. Yet America's "Free" press chose and chooses to value sensitivity over truth-telling.

What/who is being protected? The news gives us only the sanitatized story. Not exactly the world we live in!

Sad the museum doesn't/wouldn't/can't address that.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jesse,

I thought today's inauguration was awesome! Have you ever experienced such a feeling of goodwill and unity? I predict Obama will be a great president - and I'm a Republican. As far as referring to George W as a "pigheaded joker", I think your being kind. History will rate him as one of the 3 or 4 worst presidents ever.

Your friend Jimmy

The Blackout Blog said...

That's amazing that they just left that huge piece of the story out! This is why I need more international friends. And they point fingers at China for censorship.