Monday, January 26, 2009

I Love Goodbye!

While I'm sweating it out down here in Argentina, Casper Andreas is set to theatrically premiere his next feature in another location....Between Love & Goodbye! Who hasn't been there?

If I'm back in time, I hope to get to Chelsea Clearview this weekend and see it again. Between Love & Goodbye is a gay drama set against the backdrop of marriage rights, immigration, NYC, and a trannie terrible deliciously played by my friend Rob Harmon. Yes, it's a gay drama...but it's someone else's drama, so you can relish it. Plus the leads are hot and the soundtrack is stellar!

Check it out in Chelsea this weekend. Details in the poster!
Casper's work just keeps getting better and better. For the trailer and for more information, check out the film's website.


Casper said...

Thanks Jesse for posting! Hope you will be back in time for some drama and some V2 vodka at the after parties!! BTW, Rob just won BEST ACTOR at the gay film festival in Grand Canary. You know the Spanish love their trannies :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,

I saw this film at New Fest, it was the best gay film I ever saw!