Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hag Alert --- Hags on the Run!

LMFAO! Check out this site called "Hags on the Run!" Its written by Fluffie and Talk Diva, who claim to share "60 solid fag hag years" between them.

They hit all the gay parties they can and then rate them from between 5 stilettos ("stellar!") and 1 stiletto ("honey, I shouldn't have left the couch"). Of course, there are anomalies in their ratings system, like their horrible experience at Paul Van Dyk at Roseland (a measly "1 glo-stick"), and another party that was so good they gave it a whopping, unheard-of "10 Beyonce hair-extensions"!

Don't forget to "contact the hags" to sign up for their "Hag Alert!"

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