Monday, January 05, 2009

Grass is Greener Here!

I'm putting off the inevitable return to winter. Here in Sydney---Life's a Beach!

Bam Bam just got back to New York. I ask him how's the weather and he laughs. Then he says, "It's so cold in the apartment I put my dinner in the fridge for ten minutes to warm it up."

In Oregon, my parents had a white christmas. It's still going strong in the Pacific Northwest.

Mother is looking good. She's out snowshoeing, fulfilling her one-day-a-year exercise program.
My brother and his family live in Montana where they're having a "Ground Blizzard." What exactly is that? My sister-in-law elaborates: Fifty mph winds blowing existing snow - clear skies above, thus "ground" blizzard.

The ground blizzard looks better than it feels.

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