Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Call a pub a pub, dammit!

Here's some Australian logic: Hotels don't always have rooms.

Let that sink in.

It may look like a hotel. The word "HOTEL" may be plastered all about the premises. And yet it could be, and very often is, just "a Pub". In Australia, a "Hotel" with rooms has to have the word "accommodation" written outside. Why not call it a pub and lose the hotel bit? It's exactly like if I wrote "Restaurant" all over some place that looked like a restaurant, but didn't serve food.

Lost me completely, this one.

Moving along, pub food is the best. Order a burger with "the lot" and they aren't fooling like they do with hotels that aren't really hotels. There is no obfuscation here--you actually do get the lot -- egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato, ham, pineapple and...wait for it...beet!

Chicken burger with the lot. Oh yeah!


Chad said...

What the hell is that? A Filet-o-fish?

Anonymous said...

i am retarded and didn't see the caption... still looks like a Filet-o-fish.

The Blackout Blog said...

LOL! I took a bartending course in Syd (still certified to serve alcohol in NSW) at a school that was frequented by Americans. The only place I saw Bacardi 151 while I was there.

Anyway, the instructor told us that often in olden times and in smaller towns, pubs had very basic crash rooms because people were too drunk to make it home. Kind of says something about Aussie culture, no?

Simon said...

Just saw your film 'A Four Letter Word' and have fallen hoplessly in love! Really enjoyed it and just wish I had the balls to live my life to th full. Thanks and Happy New Year!

Jesse Archer said...

Haha! Thanks, Simon!

Sparkle on

stephen said...

It all sounds incredibly interesting... but a beet?

samael7 said...

I'm surprised they didn't put rocket on it too. And float it in soup. Or fry the whole thing.

The lore I heard surrounding the "hotel" thing was also because licenses worked differently for hotels, and they could serve alcohol earlier/later. Pubs had curfews, but hotels didn't, so long as someone in your party was a guest.