Sunday, January 11, 2009

Australia Wild!

Bam's back in NYC. He says it's so cold in the apartment he had to put dinner in the fridge for ten minutes to warm it up. It's not that I don't like winter, I just prefer to read about it!

Let's stick to summer in Australia. It's wild! The other day, the beach just south of Bondi was cleared because a 2 meter Hammerhead was lurking. I don't believe Hammerheads have ever killed anyone, but it makes a great story. Couldn't go in the water---Hammerhead on the prowl!

Last week, I was at a beach in the harbor-- Camps Cove it was called. 90 degrees, blue skies, kids in the water, ships moored a bit further out. I splash into the water and just before my very eyes---swims a gigantic stingray. It had a four foot wingspan. I made sure not to swim above it.

Wild parrots, and cockatoos fly free. They're beautiful, but damn do they make a racket. Once, while driving I thought something had gone wrong with the engine. I stopped, but it turned out to be hundreds of parrots squawking in nearby trees. More effective than an alarm clock -- these birds are something like the shrieking eels from Princess Bride.

Came across a few wombat roadkills
Then there was this reptile-thing.

Are we in Komodo?
There is a colony of fruit bats that live in Sydney. At dusk each night, without fail, they migrate from their daytime headquarters at Mrs. Macquarie's Point up to Centennial Park. Thousands of them, every night. Besides the harbor and the beaches, I find these bats the most charming thing about Sydney.


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

What species of wildlife was that standing next to the Koala sign?

Loving your pics and reports from Oz.

Lucky Pierre said...

I believe that's a wombat sign, non?

Jesse said...

yes, a wombat sign and a north american dingbat!

Tony said...

Thanks, gentlemen, for supplying the correct zoological classifications of the subjects in the photo.