Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Wheeeeeere's the CHALUPA?

What's more ridiculous than a talking Chihuahua? How about a FOURTH MEAL? Taco Bell's latest campaign, which I read on the side of my super-sized cup in Florida---makes an almighty proclamation: "Don't forget the meal between Dinner and Breakfast!"

The fourth meal sent me on a four day binge of laughter. I don't know about you, but I have rarely awoken in a sweaty need for a Gordita supreme.

Presuming our fast food obesity epidemic has nothing to do with the fourth meal (it's a glandular problem!) --how irresponsible is it to know that if we make a run for just about any border in this world, people are struggling to pull together 3 meals a day?

This realization should not, of course, disturb a late night Taco Bell run. We made fun of the fourth meal all weekend until late Sunday night, poolside and a little drunk at Coconut Cove in Ft. Lauderdale when a friend asked, "Are you feeling a bit peckish?" and I had to answer in the affirmative. "I'm ready for my fourth meal!"

Only in America, kids, only in America.


Anonymous said...

I'm currently working on my 16th meal. Taco Bell needs to catch up!

Dr. Frank said...

I mean how insulting to prey upon a culture that can barely afford a can of Goya beans. You are so right. What next pink sugar free red bull for queens...oh, they already have that. Oops. xoxo Dr. Frank

Rosa Klebb said...

When I lived in England that was called Supper. Either a late dinner, or a lighter meal (like a sandwich or cheese & crackers) shortly before heading to bed.

Rosa Klebb said...

And my trainer in Manhattan tells me to eat some protein before I go to bed as it helps the muscle to metabolise. So I munch on some chicken or beef before I brush my teeth at night.