Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What good is sitting alone in your Room?

Just back from Florida. There was sun and (moon)shine and space! Which always gets me thinking, what the hell am I doing in this cold unforgiving city? But then...I'm trolling through facebook yesterday, bored, sitting alone at my desk----and this happens:

I come upon my friend's profile --the talented performer Jim Caruso -- who writes he's in final tech with Liza Minelli for her show Liza at the Palace. She's only singing for 3 weeks on Broadway, and guess what--Jim offers me two free tickets to see the invite-only final dress rehearsal, last night!

Miraculously, I just landed two tickets to see what's left of Judy Garland! Everyone in the Palace Theatre knew we were watching a legend. Liza's a little wobbly, but I'm told she's had multiple hip replacement surgery. So all said and told, she's a regular Ginger Rogers. And Jim Caruso her Fred Astaire!
Liza's generable loveableness was paired to great effect with self-deprecating direction. At one point, she's singing "Cabaret" and along comes the lyric, "Too much pills and liquor" which time Liza pauses to look around...and the audience erupts. At another point, she's telling a story about her godmother, Kay Thompson who brought Liza into a room and showed her three closet doors. Liza turns to the audience to ask an imaginary Kay, "What's in there? My last three husbands?" Ba-dah-bum!

The show was a whopping 2 and a half hours--and she only got better as she went along. The penultimate song ("New York, New York") included no less than three standing ovations. When she finished and went for that ubiquitous cup of "liquid" (she said it was water), one lit queen in the balcony screams out, "Hydrate, Liza, hydrate!" and she laughed her head off.

I'm going to see her again--there's nothing like a legend. And there's no place like New York. Where else in the world can you be sitting alone in your room, bored and with no plans---and then less than 3 hours later be watching Liza Minelli at the Palace? Certainly not Ft. Lauderdale!


Eddie in OKC said...

Such a memory. And such friends.

The Blackout Blog said...

Wow, I'm going to see this show on Friday. I'm really not that kind of gay, but an ex of mine really wants to go (even though he saw her when she was in NYC last month).

I'll look at it as a cultural experience.

Jesse said...

Bam is not that kind of gay, either. But some things you do just have to take part in, and Liza is one. Good for you!

Tony said...

Yeah Jesse - There's absolutely no place like New York New York!