Sunday, December 21, 2008

Puddles, the Courtesy Bottom...strikes back!

Back to Burning Man!

Since I just discovered you can upload camera videos to blogs, I'm gonna share a few I took at Burning Man this past September. Keep in mind, the whole experience there is one of temporary community, without cash, totally self-reliant and self-expressed.

These videos can only begin to describe what a truly awesome experience that week is. With that, I present:

Zooming across the Playa in a double decker bus. Anybody can get on. I have no idea who this dancing twink is, but he sure had great energy!

There are no VIP sections at Burning Man. Everyone is invited everywhere. During the day, the party crowd went over to camp "Deep End". It was set up like an old West saloon town. You can see people dancing on what looks like oil rigs at the back of this video. Keep in mind, everything you see here is up and gone in one week.

Before taking this video, I had just done a slip 'n slide where the judges gave me a "2" for my belly flop entry. Bam Bam defends me here, saying it was only because I didn't go naked like everyone else:

This third video is Burning Man by night. As I said before, by night the place really comes alive and feels something like toon town, underwater. You'll be walking across the Playa and come across a roller derby created right on top fo the sand--with a wall of skates you can lace up and roller around to Donna Summer (all free, of course), or a fu-man-chu tea hut, or (in this case) a gigantic THUNDERDOME, where they chant just like in the movie, "2 men enter, one man leaves!" and then, um, they fight to the finish!

One of my favorite aspects of Burning Man was the ability to risk your life. Nobody told you to get down, or not to go up there. There were very few rules at all.

I crawled up to the precarious top of the Thunderdome to take this video. That's me smiling at the very end:

In the gay tent "Camp Comfort & Joy", there was the "Puddles, the Courtesy Bottom". This tale was so intriguing, I wrote a column about the experience in the latest issue of OUT magazine. You can read it here. So far the only comment says, "Bullshit!" which I'm not sure how to take. As if Puddles didn't really exist? Oh but he did. And does! Here's his, er, headshot!
You can also visit Puddles on Myspace! Or watch his video promo for his show, the American Ream. No doubt Puddles got lots of action. Then again, who didn't? Normally I'm hyper and high energy, but Burning Man laid me out flat. Perhaps it was from all the hula hooping at the silent disco?
The music was in the remote headphones
Or maybe all the cartwheeling in the high heel star-spangled stiletto boots?
But my friend Peter captured me in an unnatural state of exhaustion...all over his blog!
They called me Mae-Belline, since I was obsessed with this Mae West wig.
"I can't go on, but I will anyway"
For a great write up, and the amazing album of our Burning Man photos 2008 (including Peter popping naked out of a Birka, check out Chapter 65 of Peter's blog, Man About the World.


Eddie in OKC said...

Hey Jesse. Thanks for this post and for the link to Peter's blog. I've a long fascination with BM. The pics and vids are amazing. But alas, I think I now know with certainty that I really don't have the fortitude to endure the experience. Once again, through you I'll come as close to it as possible.

Happy Holidays!

Jesse Archer said...

Happy Holidays, Eddie!

The Blackout Blog said...

Nice legs, girl.