Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I should be so lucky!!

Woo-hoo! While drag may be dying in the rest of the world, it's high-camp here in Sydney and last night, I got to see Australia's most fabulous pixie drag queen: Kylie Minogue. In concert!

She was here at the end of her world KYLIE X 2008 tour. I didn't even know she had a tour! For some things in the US, such as Kylie, we are totally in the dark. She's #1 all round the rest of the world, so she quite rightly ignores us.

In about 1988, my Australian pen-pal Merryn introduced me to Kylie by way of mix-tapes that made their way across the Pacific with hits like "Got to be Certain", "Loco-Motion", "I should be so Lucky" and that fantastically cheezy, wish-I-could-have-it-on-a-loop-forever duet with Jason Donovan, "Especially For You..."

I've followed Kylie through the years. My favorite late 90's song would be her "Better the Devil You Know" and my favorite pop album of all time is 2000's "Light Years", featuring the song I want played at my funeral, "Your Disco Needs You!" --I ask, is there a better ode to life?

This probably says a lot about me, but next to the Pet Shop Boys--it's Kylie I listen to the most.

So when I heard she was playing, I had to go. Bam and I hit the Acer arena and promptly snuck down from our nosebleed seats to find better ones. We bumped into a couple of friends, and all bopped out to Kylie who put on the gayest show on earth (of course!), featuring--sexy sailors, a 40 minute encore, the campest re-telling of Copacabana -in song and dance! - imaginable, and before it was all done, Kylie had the entire stadium do the wave.

Little girls screamed "We Love You, Kylie!" Shamelessly, I joined them. It was all lights, and colors and fun from the best of the best diva from down under.

Of course she came down on a gigantic diamond-encrusted suspended skull! A daring move, considering girl had breast cancer two years back.
The sailor boy scene. "Loveboat" from Light Years.
"There's not one stitch of natural fabric on these dancers!"
The opera concert hall. Your disco needs you!
Kabuki Kylie!
On a night like this!

Here's a little video I took...Press the arrow to PLAY!


Chad said...

We are SOOOOOOO beyond jealous! Looks like a great show! Wow, you've had a quite a year in divas! Liza, George, Patti, Tina and now Kylie!!! Am I missing anyone?


Lee said...


I'm debating which part to be more jealous of:

A) You're in Sydney where it is 75 and sunny, while it's in the 30's here and snowing


B) You got to see Kylie!!


Definitely B. xoxo (write me back!!)

Scooter said...

Color me jealous!!!