Thursday, December 11, 2008

American Girl!

Flying stand-by, I didn't make my flight to Sydney and got waylayed in Los Angeles. It was nearly midnight when I texted my friend Rica. We used to work together as pool boys at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons, and he saved me from spending a fraught 24 hours at LAX!

What a lifesaver. Thank you, Rica!

I spent the night in WeHo and we hit the Grove today with his boyfriend Brad and...have you ever seen this shop American Girl Place? Yikes!! American Girl sells dolls throughout our history---from the 1700's colonial girl to the prairie pioneer, and they all come with computer games, storybooks, and mass memorabilia. I ran into one mother who told me she came all the way from Temecula, because "they ran out of Samantha on the website!"

While it's great this company is diversifying from the leggy busty bizarre is it to walk into the room of Addy, a "strong, courageous slave girl who escaped during the civil war"? In her little cubicle you can buy Addy, her white smock, and see an old fashioned iron while you read about how she made up her own birthdate. All set to creepy revolutionary war music.

Then there's the Indian girl, who's busy making tortillas inside her diorama. Or the Asian girl, who doesn't get her own room. She's stuck in together with the Julie...the white hippie-chick who saves endangered eagles in her spare time.

This place is a hot pink "It's a Small World". Both fascinating and disturbing. As if our small world were all about capitalizing upon racial stereotypes by smoothing them over with consumerism. The important thing is not to let a child read what Addy really went through. Sure, she was once enslaved. Not to worry, what matters is you can own her again for $90!

When I was five, I would've loved this place. Now I think I prefer leggy, busty unreal Barbie.

The cafe is all hot pink. Tiny pink little chairs that attach to the tables, so Samantha can join!
Brad models Addy's slave-smock in her room.
After the bulb harvest, white people came and killed Kaya...
Clone yourself, American girl!


Matt said...

Oh my GOD - are you really flying standby to Sydney? That is a horrifying prospect even if it is nice work if you can get it. Good luck and have a safe trip.

The Blackout Blog said...

There's one of these in NYC. My nephew (about 6 at the time) was SO upset until he saw they had a boy doll.

PS, Sydney is my favorite place of all time! It's the only place in the world that where it's better to be black and gay!

Jeffrey said...

My granddaughters and daughters found one of these stores in Dallas while hiding out from Hurricane Ike. Somehow American Girls skipped The Great Depression -- that's the little lady I'd like to see.

Jesse Archer said...

Blackout Blog--you're right, but have you been to Buenos Aires and eaten alive? I think it may be even better to be black and gay there.

The Blackout Blog said...

*pulls out notepad*

Buenos... Aires...