Thursday, November 13, 2008

Their Agents are gonna LOVE this

Prop 8 protest news coming---but pre-protest I headed to the set of Big Gay Musical to finish interviewing the cast for their DVD extras. Here I interview actor Daniel Robinson (currently appearing in Hairspray), and porn star Brent Corrigan. They are both absolutely adorable.

I had heard that Brent Corrigan had it in his contract that he would show his ass, but "no orifice". I never use acronyms, but LMFAO!!!! I was instructed to "be nice" in the interview, but you know I had to go there. Also, Daniel's mother was on set yesterday to show support. So you know I had to segue right into that! It'll all probably land on the cutting room floor, but it made for a fun chat.

Jesse talks to pre-coital Daniel and Brent


Mark in DE said...

I can hardly wait for the DVD!

Mark :-)

Anonymous said...

I have seen some of Brent's condom-free work. Yeeoow. Movienut

Michael T said...

And where is the interview? Where? Where? Where? ;-)