Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The spoils, the spoils!

A reason to be thankful in the frigid chill? It's may be minus 3 degrees outside, but I am thrilled to announce that the legion of holdouts who insist on wearing flip-flops long into the fall....have now succumbed to wearing actual shoes. Hooray!

Ok, so how about these car companies that want a piece of the multi-billion dollar bailout package? Who's next? Me! I want a bailout, baby. Although I don't pretend to know the first thing about economics, this bailout plan never sat right with me in the first place. For all those heavy heavy capitalists to get socialism when it suits them...? Yeah, first try giving me some health care.

I read today in the AMNY newspaper (and you thought I only read blogs!) that a good solution would be for the oil companies to bail out the car companies. After all, oil companies did make record profits this year, and car companies are their heavyweight invisible shareholders!

Another solution, along those lines, is to give them a bailout with the caveat that they must only make hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles. It's really the only way I can see a future that isn't shockingly bleak, or overrun by Somali pirates. Savvy?


The Blackout Blog said...

My thing is that a huge part of the economy in the midwest depends on the auto industry. The rampant crime and decay that will happen if those companies go under and people lose their jobs/pensions would be devastating.

But I totally agree. There should definitely be an initiative to increase production of hybrid cars. And there should be a government effort to encourage research and make them cheaper.

Anonymous said...


What is especially galling is that these executives came to Congress, hat in hand, on their private corporate jets. Is first class commercial air travel not good enough? Let them fail and re-emerge as smaller, leaner companies producing electric and fuel-efficient cars.

Your friend Jimmy

Plenty O'Toole said...

We can criticize big business, and the big unions, and Wall Street. They certainly deserve it.

But let's look at where the greatest shift of wealth is happening. The wealthiest county in the USA is no longer in either New York or California. It is Fairfax County, Virginia, in the suburbs of Washington DC.

All of the bailouts and the runaway spending has created a Lobbyist monster, gorging at the trough of our taxes, Democrats and Republicans alike.

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

You're on the right track about the auto industry bailout . They shouldn't get anything unless they substantially change their business model. But they also should be relieved of the costly burden of their employee health care obligations which increases the cost of every vehicle they make. That requires adoption of a universal health care plan in the US. How long will that take?
It's complicated and difficult for sure.

My offer of old running shoes still stands, in case you need a susbstitute for your flip-flops.