Tuesday, November 11, 2008

See you at the Protest--TOMORROW!

Redefining Marriage? How dare we! Oh wait, it's been re-defined several times.

What would've happened if interracial marriage were put to a state-wide vote instead of being passed by judges in 1967 Virginia?

The Mormon Church directed its followers to do everything they could to pass prop 8, going so far as to say that "souls would be in jeopardy" if they did not do so. That's right, souls in "heaven" are now denying rights on earth. Is Anne Heche/Celestia involved here?

While the Mormon Church is not the sole bigot in this fight, they did donate over 22 million dollars to pass prop 8. So it's a good place to focus our efforts. If you're in New York, put on your secret panties and come tomorrow at 6:30 in front of the Mormon Church in the UWS (125 Columbus Ave at 65th Street). Full Information here.

Be there---and bring signs. Michael Musto is calling this protest the "invite of the year!"

If there's one thing we gain from the passage of prop 8, let it be unity: leather queens, chelsea boys, lesbians, transgendered, urinal men, religious (Mormon?) gays, log cabinites, straight allies, and I will even extend a special invitation to the militant country-western queers from Remington's in DC----let's come together.

As an example for how we can/should/must come together against discrimination, let me share this little story from a woman, Leigh, who I met last weekend. Leigh's straight, and used to work at the Gay & Lesbian Center, facilitating a support group for lesbians with breast cancer. She didn't know how the lesbians might react if they knew she was straight, so she didn't mention it. But one time she went away for the weekend and when she returned one lesbian asked her who she went away with. Meekly, she replied, "My.....husband."

"I was outed!" Leigh told me, and it was not a pretty scene in the lesbian breast cancer room.

"You're straight!?!?!" The lesbians erupted in outrage. This went on for a minute or so until one gigantic bull dyke stood up. "I don't care if she's a martian!" she bellowed, "I've got cancer, and Leigh's helping."

And that was that.

Let us remember that story as we come together with all factions and varieties of friends and allies from around the country to protest peacefully together tomorrow here in New York City. 6:30pm in front of the Mormon Church at 65th and Columbus.

Not in NYC? Here's something else vital you can do. Under I.R.S. law, churches are not allowed to influence legislation. They are to remain neutral and not favor the passage of any law. That is what keeps them tax exempt. Now since the Mormon church has so flagrantly aided the passage of heinous prop 8, please print out and file a formal complaint to strip the Mormon church of their tax-exempt status. (That last link tells you how to do everything--it's easy, you can email, fax, or mail it in). If you are gay, you pay full taxes without full rights. Why should Mormons be tax-free? Do something.

This is the end of apathy. They cannot take away rights. And I don't care if they're martians!


Edina Monsoon said...

So were you picketing St. Patrick's Cathedral in the 1980's when the Catholic Church was campaigning against human rights abuses in El Salvador?

I know I'm in a minority of one here, but I don't agree with this protest. Folks are angry that Prop 8 was passed (so am I), but they are just looking for someone to blame.

California isn't Utah. It didn't vote Yes because the Mormon Church told it to. It voted Yes because, outside of the coast, California is a conservative state. Reagan served two terms as governor.

We don't have Gay Marriage in New York because our state legislature is too timid to take up the issue. Perhaps we should start out protest at home.

You said...

I disagree with Edina. And I bet if the Mormon Church was donating millions of dollars toward Anti-Abortion legislature, she might feel differently.

Sweetie-darlings, although Edie obviously won't be joining us, Pats and I would love to invite everyone to come for some protesting and some smoked salmon nibbly things to go with the Champs. Still haven't decided what to wear though...

Jesse Archer said...

I'm definitely wearing my magic mormon undies!

Edina, why not blame those who donated the most to pass the prop? UTAH did send reinforcements to California. It also set up a phone bank to call California!. As I mentioned, though, they are not the sole reason it passed, but the Mormon temples are a better place for us to protest than our own Chelsea gayborhoods.

I mean, I never could understand why blacks didn't burn down Brentwood instead of their own homes in Watts.

Jesse Archer said...

ps. Edina, you are not a minority of one! I was at a GMHC benefit and met this real swishy gay named FLAVIO of all things--and he said he wasn't going to the protest because he only wore nice clothes and didn't want to get them ruffled.

Edina Monsoon said...

Oh he sounds like a catch.

So I'll be having cocktails with Flavio and his immaculate clothes at the Mandarin Oriental while you're all doing your protest thingy.

And Jesse, if the protest gets messy I hope you learned a few moves from your Remington's scrap. Wear your Rosa Klebb shoes and kick before getting kicked.

Give my love to Pats. No nibbly things for her; the Champs will do fine.


oboist24 said...

don't forget about Sat too!


Anonymous said...


I whole-heartedly support this protest against the Mormon church's unwarranted assault on gay rights. Futhermore, I cannot understand how people claim to be conservative and oppose gay marriage. Conservatism has always fought against big government intrusion. What could be more intrusive than government dictating that two consenting adults may not marry simply because they are of the same gender?
I wonder if the Mormon church leadership is aware that Barry Goldwater, Mr. Conservative himself, was a proponent of Gay rights. Perhaps the Mormon church did not read conservative columnist, David Brooks, when he stated that we should not just allow gay marriage, we should INSIST on gay marriage. (Source: "Its My Party Too", Christine Todd Whitman, page 99).

Your friend Jimmy

Edina Monsoon said...

Perhaps I just interpret Gay Rights more broadly than you, Jimmy

The average gay and straight person in the United States has seen the value of their life savings fall by about 50% in the past year, as global stock and housing markets have collapsed in the worst market since the great depression.

I read gay blogs, and it's all about gay marriage in California. It just doesn't seem all that relevant to me right now. But that's just me. You do what you do.