Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Out 100 party pics!

Out Magazine threw their annual Out 100 party last friday--they put on the biggest gay party of the year and always at the most amazing venues--this year was at Gotham Hall. I'd never heard of it but that's because it's in mid-town no-man's land at 37th & Broadway. Inside, Gotham Hall is at least 10 stories high, originally a bank, with a huge stained-glass dome above. Beautiful!

Since I was part of the Out 100 this year, I did the red carpet which is pretty funny. A bunch of flashing light bulbs and the whole mass of photographers screaming your name at the same time from all directions. Agent 99 (me) went right after top 10 Agent Cheyenne Jackson. Back-stage I introduced myself and told him I was a fan.

"Nice glitter," he says because of course I'm drenched in it. "Thanks," I say, and launch into my signature sentence: "If you're not sparkling.." but before I can finish, Cheyenne quickly adds: "Then what's the point?" Nice twist!

Cheyenne in Out 100 issue as...Marlon Brando? Stella!!!
Here's Thom, me, and Casper as...Nathan Detroit? In beautiful suits we had to return.
Here's Casper (right) with boyfriend Ryan looking fab in head to toe Marc Jacobs! Borrowed Marc Jacobs! Their wardrobe is all the more fairy tale fab knowing it all had to be Returned by Tuesday...
With a free drink in his hand, Cooldan should not be this confused.
Fire Island boys--how oddly exciting to see them in winter-time!
Me and porn pup Brent Corrigan
Me & Brent, staged for dramatic effect.
I also ended up with Brent's jacket...and inside were his invisiline clear braces..the top, and the bottom! Thankfully, I was able to return his dental records later in the weekend.

Also honored at the party was NPR's Ari Shapiro---and when I saw him at the party, I recognized him but I wasn't sure where from. He came over to me, and says, "Jesse Archer--did you know we both went to Beaverton High School?" Imagine the shock!

Ari was four years behind me, so I never knew him--but I did recognize him because he looks a lot like...his brother---who I did attend high school with. Suddenly, I couldn't concentrate on Chelsea Handler, the Labelle's or any party performer because I just couldn't get over the fact that two boys from suburban Beaverton, Oregon were there at all.

I mean, it's been ages since I've seen a fellow Beaver! It's been even longer since I felt so alone & confused growing up. Ari tells me that now there's even a gay/straight alliance at our old high school. How things change, and quickly!

Here's Ari (right) in the Out 100 as...Edward Murrow?
Ari's husband Michael; Ari & Jesse---go Beavers!
Afterward, we ended the night at dirty dive bar the Boiler Room--and while I was sitting on a couch chatting away, some drunk queen put my shoelace in the candle, lit it on fire, and took a photo. He didn't realize that, of course, they are borrowed shoes!

Returned by Tuesday. Slightly singed.


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Late congrats to you and Casper for making the OUT100. OUTstanding!
And what a party. Thanks for the pics of all the "gaylebrities" of which you are definitely one.
Autographed photo, please.
I'm never lending you any shoes - well maybe an old pair of running shoes, if you need them.

Edina Monsoon said...

Casper has a gun in his pocket. The handle is in his trouser pocket and the, em, barrel is across his crotch.

"Don't fuck with me fellas. This isn't my first time at an awards show."


Color me jealous! I Just got the Out 100 issue and haven't opened it up yet. My goal is to make the Out 100 before Out folds. Think I can do it?

stephen said...

Hi Jesse!

How exciting! Thank you for sharing the moment with us all. Congats again... and again, and again!

Love ya...

Stephen and Paul

Anonymous said...

Jesse, I know I told you that several of my best friends that I grew up with in Montana moved to Beaverton. I dated and came DANGEROUSLY close to becoming engaged to one (Betty). Near catastrophe averted.

We came from Beaverhead County, Montana and were known as the Beavers. Funny coincidence to emerge from one Beaver scene into another! Movienut