Tuesday, November 04, 2008

One Small Tick for Obama....

Did my civic duty this morning and waited in line with the rest of the country to vote. Amazing, how we have these huge, 50's era refrigerator machines here in New York. And again the election officials were a hot mess. The one supposed to pull the lever to count my vote was on his cell phone the entire time, not knowing when people were coming or leaving the booth. As if he had better things to do.

You may recall last election the official couldn't figure out how in the hell to alphabetize Archer. I really hope this our country's "change" involves new election regulations (and volunteers).

The line to vote snaked around the block. It took about an hour, but not without entertainment!

There were reporters on hand.
There was a mobile bake-sale on hand!
The paleozoic period refrigerator machines were on hand!
After the vote, I went for more entertainment at the Actor's Playhouse on 7th avenue where they are currently filming the gay indie film "Big Gay Musical". This creation was written and produced by Fred Caruso, directed by Casper Andreas, and stars the most adorable dancing twinks! I was there to interview cast and crew for a behind-the-scenes DVD featurette.

The hysterical Steve Hayes plays God.
The film is being shot on a SAG ultra-low budget, so they needed extras to be in the "audience" of the musical within a musical. Their make-up man Chad is doing double duty, being used over-time as a "head" in the staged audience.

I was talking with him when a PA walks up and says to him, "We need the back of your head in the audience." Chad says to me, "They only want me for my head." "Go on then," I told him. "Give good head."

And who wouldn't give good head to this?

Often the best view is behind (the scenes)


Chad said...

We are having such a great time on this shoot! Everyone is terrific. Thanks for coming by today!

Chris M said...

Aww... I love Steve Hayes, so funny. Worked with him on an awesome musical with an incredibly long name... "Kiss Me Quick Before The Lava Reaches The Village"

You said...

Only you could segue so smoothly from an historic election day directly into a Big Gay Musical!

And that rear end is TO. DIE. FOR. Sign me up.

The Blackout Blog said...

They have white Timbs! I haven't seen anyone else with all-white Timbs (white with a wheat sole, yes, but not all white). I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Edina Monsoon said...

Congratulations on making the Out 100 list for 2008!


Chad said...

the "Timberlands" were spray painted white...

Jesse said...

Thanks, Edina ;)

Yes, B.O.B--Chad got to it before me, but those were faux white Timbs! :0