Saturday, November 22, 2008

Let's talk about HIV!

Last week--or was it two weeks ago? It's so hard to keep up! Anyway, I went to Fashion Forward, a benefit for GMHC (Gay Mens Health Crisis). The place was filled to the rafters with every last fashionista known to man. I ran into my pal and ex-project runway-er Jack Mackenroth, who gave a great speech about GMHC's work. He's also started up a new organization dedicated to combating the stigma of HIV/AIDS through conversation/education called Living Positive by Design.

HIV stigma is still a huge thing. In fact, I saw a poster when I was in Toronto over Halloween that put it perfectly. It read: "If you got rejected every time you disclosed, would you?" Glad Jack is talking about it. Wait, I never wrote about my press trip to Toronto over Halloween, did I? It's so hard to keep up!

Below, At Fashion Forward: Here is Ms. GMHC, Tim Gunn, Gretta Monahan, Jack Mackenroth. PS, this Gretta is so cute. She got out of her front row runway seat to walk over and give me a kiss and a squeeze just...because. And I don't even know her!


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stephen said...

I have many friends who are HIV postive,,,some for up to 18 years,, and do not have AIDs.. and I have friends who have had AIDS for at least 15 years and are doing well... It is not a death sentence! I wish the gay community, health organizations and str8 people would realize it. To all of you men who are HIV postive please do not lose hope. Ok,I am written too much already,, hugs to all...