Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I'm with Playgirl at the Coconut Grove in Ft. Lauderdale! And just found my friend Danny sulking alone in his room, "What are you doing in here?"
"I'm just laying around being depressed,"
"But it's THANKSGIVING! What's the matter?"
"I just found my iphone at the bottom of the pool."

Well, everyone else is thankful to be here in sunny southern Florida!

In other news, the best Thanksgiving article I've found for 2008.


Edina Monsoon said...

I agree with the sentiments in the final paragraph of that article. As that great philosopher Liza Minnelli once said "You get through stuff."

I got to Miami yesterday. Brace yourself. It's like a Zoo here. Everyone from Chelsea is here, with less clothes.

Hope you had a lovely TG, and got your fair share of stuffing.

x Eds

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Happy Thanksgiving a day late! Had 11 people - family and friends - over for turkey yesterday. Everyone got along fine - maybe 'cause I had plenty of Bloody Marys and wine on hand.. Enjoy the Playgirl fun in Florida.

Z said...

Losing iphone would make me depressed too.

Margret said...

Jesse, that article is really great. It cheered me up some. This Thanksgiving was bleak to say the least. It's very scary here in the big city. We're on the lookout for opportunities and we are praying a lot. Can't wait to have your sparkle back here!



Anonymous said...

Hello Jesse, We spent a grand week at the Coconut Cove in Ft. Lauderdale. Could it be the same place? Clothing optional pool parties, barbeques, short walk to the beach and newly renovated. Whatever, it was great. Movienut