Thursday, November 20, 2008

Giving us the Big "O"

Ok, so I just found this segment online from actress Allison Lane. She plays an 'adult film voiceover artist' Nancy Colgen. Turn up the volume on this one! My personal favorite? The "Liza".

You may recognize Allison from her role in A Four Letter Word. She plays AA sponsor/lesbian barracuda Trisha. And she plays it fantastic! To see more of Trisha (and me), follow the link above to buy it (uncensored, not like on tv) and with lots of fun DVD extras!


jpfreeman said...

I F-ing loved Trisha in AFLW; her character really opened up my mind to things that I never considered before, and it made me happy, and it made me sad. I've actually seen AFLW, like, I don't know, 110 times, because I watch it whenever I get really fucked up. my fave scene is the SCA scene. it's just fun.

Jesse said...

ok you are certainly AFLW's #1 fan!

Thanks, jp!

Mark in DE said...

Love her!

Mark :-)