Monday, November 03, 2008

The Final Day

It's big, it's bossy, it's taken over our lives! The presidential election is tomorrow, so don't forget to vote--be ready to stand in a long line, take your ID, and make sure you're going to the right precinct. If you don't know where to vote, go here to find out.

We know all about misleading robo-calls, mailings claiming the vote is actually wednesday (and not tomorrow), smears, and lies....what we're most sick about is voter fraud. It's incredible how we claim to be the bastion of democracy, sending voting monitors over to Haiti or Kosovo or Iraq to insure fair voting, but we can't guarantee it here.

I've no doubt that behind-the-scenes law teams are right now amassing a giant lawsuit in case of another election theft. Let's be extra vigilant at the polls. If a voting machine is malfunctioning, talk to a poll worker about an emergency paper ballot. If you're not listed, make sure you have your ID and ask for a provisional ballot. If any of this happens (or more), be bold, be loud and speak out. Call Election Protection and report everything: 1-800-OUR-VOTE.

The only silver lining I see in this muck is (isn't it always) humor. I'm loving the snarky comments to articles and blogs found on the web. Here's a couple of gems from today:

From the Right:

"Obama will promise anything to get votes. If dogs could vote, he'd promise a hydrant on every corner."

From the Left:

"Today, the McCain campaign will announce that Obama is a space alien on a quest to conquer earth."

VOTE TOMORROW. Ok? Let's get this done.


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Voted a couple of hours ago - after the early morning rush, so no problems.
There are scattered reports of problems at about 24 polling places statewide in Virginia so far. Here in Richmond, one polling place opened 25 minutes late because the librarian who had the key overslept. Some machine malfunctions have been reported as well. But given that 463,000 people were added to the voting rolls in VA since January, it seems to be going reasonably well.
At about 5:30 this AM, I passed one polling place on the way to work out, and a large bunch of folks were lined up along the sidewalk in the rain and dark, waiting for the 6AM opening.
As you may have heard, Obama appeared last night at a rally in Northern Virginia attended by 90-100,000 people. Looks like this formerly red state (since 1964) will turn blue this time.

Anonymous said...

voted in arizona (early) there was a several hour wait - - - hopefully we will deny McCain his home state!


You said...

I voted in less than fifteen minutes. Obviously I have some kind of Electile Dysfunction...

Anonymous said...


Although we are backing different candidates, I really do admire your dedication. My prediction and hope is a victory for McCain and a defeat for Prop 8 in California.

Your friend Jimmy

Mark in DE said...

Good resources! Spouse & I voted this morning, then Spouse volunteered at the polls since he had the day off.

Thinking positive thoughts!

Mark :-)

Jesse Archer said...

Hey Jimmy,
Look forward to seeing you soon, and I wish you had a blog so I could see your path to McCain. I would've guessed you went libertarian this time around!
xo jesse

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse

Well, I voted for McCain to keep some balance of power in Washington. It appears that the Democrats will add significantly to their margins in Congress, a McCain presidency will enforce compromise and reason. I don't believe it is advantageous to give any one party total power. Also, I simply can't entrust an inexperience Chicago ward politician to select federal judges. I believe McCain will appoint strong law and order judges that will not overturn abortion or restrict gay rights. Remember, all judges will have to be approved by a Democratic controlled Senate. Who will force Obama to moderate his selections? Given some of Obama's associations, I shutter to think whom he might but on the courts. I believe if Obama has his way, the courts will abolish capital punishment, expand racial quotas, extend rights to convicted terrorists and in general expand the role of government.

Anyway, I'll be glad the see the Bush Administration become a painful memory.

xoxo Jimmy

Jesse Archer said...

Hi Jimmy,

We agree on the last concern, but it was my bigger worry that McCain's associations (Palin, Bush, Cheney) would have had him appointing supreme court justices who would abolish abortion rights, and prohibit gay marriage.

Bush not only ran this country into the ground, but his party as well. I'm happy you're around to prove that there are still republicans to admire.