Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bring it, GAYS!

Last night's peaceful protest against Prop (H)8 turned out 10,000 strong in front of the Mormon Temple ("Tax this Church!"), and later marching down to Columbus Circle. At one point, when the police detoured the march down 61st street, and toward the park, someone yelled "where are we going?" and some queen (was it me?) screams out "The Rambles!!"

It was amazing to see our community out there. I looked around and saw--friends from my several years here in NYC, a friend from LA who lives here now, the go-go I slept with, my favorite fag hag, that couple who lives in Brooklyn, Jon-Jon the DJ, Justin Bond; everywhere I looked was someone I knew. We were joined together--in sober solidarity. Beautiful.

Whoopi Goldberg was there, too, along with every last gaylebrity, and some seriously hot boys.

Hands down the best sign of the night?

"We can't ALL marry Liza!"

Matt Rettenmund has better pics up over at Boy Culture, but here's a few of mine:

a page from the abridged gay commandments
And a page (left) from the unabridged
I don't know....does she have a penis?
Since Mormons got their "temple garments"...into such a twist over the possibility of our equal rights, I made this sign:
Jesse, Christian, Mich Lyon
That's right, sista!
Stephen 1.0, Scott, Chad, Mich, Stephen 2.0, Bam Bam
I'm looking forward to the nation-wide protest this saturday. In New York, we'll be at City Hall. To find out about where/when to protest in your city, go here.

I know some of you may rather be shopping at Barney's because you feel protesting doesn't make a difference; that only a votes matter, or awaiting legislation, or not ruffling feathers by snarling traffic. I disagree. Not only do protests unify us, they remind us we all deserve equality. And organizations who supported the passage of prop 8 (here is a link to the anti-gay blacklist) now know we will no longer take this sitting down. Change has to start somewhere. It may as well start now. No more Mr. Nice Gay!


The Blackout Blog said...

"I look over and there was your 'girl' getting buck wild in the corner."


"With a go-go dancer! I mean, that's nasty! That's lower than a security guard! At least security can get you backstage! She don't love herself!"

You said...

If I had time to make a sign it would've said, "You're a Little Bit Cunty, I'm a Little Bit Pole n' Hole"

Luckily I didn't have time. But I did see a boy with an elaborate sign who used your Undie's slogan!

See you on Saturday!


Z said...

It was amazing last nite! I'm still choking up when I look at the pictures!

Lucky Pierre said...

Jezuz, what's with all the insurance brokers listed on the prop H8 list? Is that why they're so boring? They're all mormons?

Chad said...

I was the one who shouted "Rambles!" I can only imagine what went on in there that chilly night!!!

Scott said...

These people in the fashion, design and entertainment businesses stick out like sore thumbs. They deal with gays as part of their jobs. They need to be outed and in line at the unemployment office.
Scott Eckern / Artistic Director, California Musical Theatre / Citrus Heights, CA / $1,000
Karen Merrill / Finance Director, Bcbg / Pasadena, CA / $1,000
Janet Smith / Interior Design, Labelle Maisor / Altadena, CA / $1,000
Aldric Porter / Co-producer, Columbia Pictures / Santa Rosa Valley, CA / $5,000

Mark in DE said...

Seriously. You, Sober solidarity?

Glad to see you out there standing up against H8. I'll be with you (in spirit) on Sat, at my local protest spot.

Mark :-)

Edina Monsoon said...

I think this LA Times columnist has a more constructive way of exercising protest than shitting through the letterboxes of people who contributed to the Yes on 8 campaign.,0,2377851.column

Edina Monsoon said...

Apparently Scott Eckern has already resigned as Artistic Director of the CMT, after a Facebook campaign against him. Apparently he is a Mormon.

Now the only Aldric Porter I can find online is Black. Picketing Mormon churches in Manhattan is a walk in the park. Are you all headed up to Harlem?

"Basic Info
Entertainment & Arts - Theater
BULLETIN AS OF 11/12/08:

The artistic director of California Musical Theatre, Scott Eckern, donated $1,000.00 to "Yes on Proposition 8". Actors, producers and directors from all over are emailing and calling the theatre with expressions of disgust—and their intentions of boycotting.

I've heard that the producers of AVENUE Q are rescinding the rights and will no longer let them do the show as they originally planned to in 2009. Marc Shaiman has also informed them that his shows will not be available to them.

Please let CMT know how you feel. I have already sent an email to let them know I am no longer interested in working at their theatre.

If you are an actor, director, designer, technician or stage manager, please email them at the link below or call Scott Eckern or send him a letter and let him know you will under no circumstances work for him. If you are a writer, let him know that he will not be able to get the rights to any of your works. If you are a theatre-goer in the Sacramento area, let them know that you will no longer attend shows at CMT."

Edina Monsoon said...

Here is Scott Eckern's resignation letter (as reported on Facebook).

"I am leaving California Musical Theatre after prayerful consideration to protect the organization and to help the healing in the local theatre-going and creative community. California Musical Theatre will continue to welcome with open arms all staff, artists and audiences who collaborate in the experience that live theatre does best –- to lift the human spirit. I will continue to be in the audience to cheer on all the good work. It has been an honor to serve alongside those I love and respect in this noble profession. I am disappointed that my personal convictions have cost me the opportunity to do what I love the most which is to continue enriching the Sacramento arts and theatre community."

Edina Monsoon said...

Actually Aldric Porter isn't black after all. You can stop cutting up sheets.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, Thanks for your influence. We must keep retaliating again and again and again until some humanity prevails. There are thousands in our camp. Spain, Canada, South Africa, The Netherlands and Connecticut (perhaps others?)cannot be wrong. Movienut

stephen said...

Great story,, anyone who wants names and address of the people who contributed in the State of Az for prop 102,,, here is hope it works on the comments...

We need to know who these people are for keep a copy in a folder.

Edina Monsoon said...

I feel that I'm on the wrong side of history here. At least on the wrong side of this blog and its comments. So I won't post again on the topic.

My gay friends are so energized by this, well just I don't want to get in their way. But so far I don't know of anyone who killed themselves because of Prop 8. I do know of one acquaintance who killed himself because of the recent stock market crash. He lost everything, or at least what he thought was everything. I know of another, much closer friend, who was very active in the markets and who has just disappeared, and we fear the worst.

But perhaps in perilous times people need a distraction. In the Depression, the debate was all about Prohibition.

In any event, I wish you all well, especially our darling host. I hope none of my comments have come across as mean-spirited.



Jesse Archer said...


During the great depression I'd definitely have been protesting prohibition (at the speakeasy).

Please continue to post! -on this or any other topic- As you say, we don't always have to agree, but how can we learn anything without different perspectives?

I'm glad most of us are energized- nobody has died, but I think it shakes the very foundation of our society when a popular vote can strip away rights.

I also think the financial industry has shaken the very foundation of our society, but that (to me) seems self-inflicted. It's affecting all of us, and I'm especially sorry to hear about your friends.

Anonymous said...

FYI - Aldric Porter is Samoan