Monday, November 10, 2008

Brazilian Bombshell Beaver!

As a little follow up to that last post, it turns out that dear old Carmen Miranda tempered her garish costumes by dancing commando! Thanks, reader Marc, for sending this my way...

How fitting the first vagina to appear on this blog should be that of our tutti frutti friend
For some history on the photo, click the pic below.  This may have been the closest Cesar Romero himself actually got to a naked pussy.   He was one of Hollywood's many "confirmed bachelor" gays. 


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

I'd have to agree with Bam that Carmen Miranda may not be the best hangover remedy, especially considering this shot.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse, I guess my orginal comment was lost in transmission. Thus I will try again. In seventyish San Francisco, was a popular gay bar called Busby Berkeleys. I enjoyed many a"delightful" evening in that nostalgic show biz watering hole. They played B.B.clips there, some with dear Carmen.

I have loved Carmen Miranda from her earliest.(I was 6 months old.) She became more fruitfully nutty as she progressed. This thousands-of- bananas on the headress had to be the epitome of extravagance. Perhaps a glimpse at the number of my years on this planet?

C.M. measured out at about 4'11", hence the preposterous platforms and remarkable turbans she wore for some altitude. Maybe this explains why that beaver hunter had to recline on the floor in order to scope upwards for the bush. Anyhow, thanks for that extensive show. A real gem. Movienut.