Monday, November 10, 2008

Agent 99

It is my great privilege to be including among the OUT 100 this year. This list, according to, is "our unashamedly subjective list of the gay men and women who moved culture -- ours and the culture at large -- over the past year. These artists, activists, athletes, and aesthetes embody triumph, daring, ingenuity, and integrity."

It includes people like Ian McKellen, Rachel Maddow, and Edward Albee. And when I went for the shoot at Indochine, they were busy shooting those Canadian mini-twins who are D Squared, as well as Alan Ball--creator of Six Feet Under. So this past weekend I was out with two friends (frienemies?) who were discussing my inclusion to such an illustrious list. I admitted that Jesse on the brink just barely squeaked into the Out 100. And they responded in turn:

Friend 1: "Agent 99"
Friend 2: "...point 5"

Genius! My sincere thanks to the editors for my inclusion.

The issue will be on newsstands soon. In it, I appear with Thom Filicia (designer from Queer Eye), & director Casper Andreas. The theme for the feature is Classic Hollywood and our pic (shot by Roger Erickson) was inspired by Guys & Dolls. "So who's the doll?" I asked at the time. What I should've asked was "Who's the guy?"

Thom Filicia, Jesse Archer, Casper Andreas
This is the only time you'll see me in a $15,000 Tom Ford suit! I tried to keep it, believe me. At one point I even told the fashion editor I got a little of my DNA on the pants. "Nice try," was the reply. Kudos to OUT for such an excellent issue. Check out all the honorees here....


Michael said...

I saw this on their website and was very excited for you, though, yeah, don't know you, so I'm not sure why, but nevertheless. Mazel, boychik.

Illustrious company!

You said...

Congratulations! How exciting! Just don't ever let them put you under the Cone of Silence because we love hearing about your gay adventures!

Chad said...

YAY!!! Congrats! Great picture. Iam so glad for you and Casper.

stephen said...

You are so deserving of such an honor! Congrats and many kudos!

Edina Monsoon said...

A friend of mine worked with the D Squared twins way back. The twins were dating another pair of identical twins.

But each twin didn't get on at all well with the brother of the twin he was dating. If that's not too confusing.

stephen said...

Ok,, and another thing,,, you made my 2008! Thanks again for the best birthday ever! You are a great, decent, remarkable guy and a great role model for all gay men. It is great that "Out" recongize the traits and incredible perception that you have. Good karma coming your way!

Anonymous said...

You three are unbelievably beautiful. Did that roll come up snake eyes? Movienut

Mark in DE said...

Congrats, Jesse! But this is not surprising since you DESERVE this place at the OUT gay table.

Good for you!

Mark :-)