Thursday, November 06, 2008


What would happen if INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE had been put to popular vote?

It wouldn't have stood a chance.

What would happen to cults if their FREEDOM OF RELIGION were put to popular vote?

Um, yeah, chased further than Utah...

The Mormon Church has donated over 22 Million dollars to ban gay marriage. Do you think they deserve to be tax-exempt? Mormons stole our rights, so let there be no more apathy. Let us do something. Start here. Check out this website and sign the petition.

According to IRS law, status as a "religious organization" includes this clause:

no substantial part of the activities of which is carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting, to influence legislation, and which does not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distribution of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office.

The fact remains (and sadly, it must be reiterated at each and every opportunity) that our constitution is a SECULAR document, meant to protect minorities from the tyranny of the masses. Mormons, the religious right, a majority of racial minorities and the elderly all ought to understand this document better than they apparently do. Here's a link that goes straight to the Governator, asking to re-open prop 8. Sign it.


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Signed the first one - looks like I'm not eligible on the second.

I think you commented the other day that it was strange that minorities who voted for Prop 8 didn't see it as a rights issue. The right was successful in framing it as a "religion and family" issue. WE've just got to work harder to show that these inititiatives unreasonably deny rights to citizens.

Z said...

It is very upseting for me! I cannot believe %70 black people voted for YES! WHY???
I did signed it!
Moron Mormons!