Thursday, October 30, 2008

Write to Marry

Yesterday was Write to Marry Day, which is the day all bloggers were supposed to post about marriage. I'm just following what the liberal elite media tell me what to do! And a day late, of course.
Support equality for all by DONATING. If you're in California, don't forget TO VOTE (the propositions are at the bottom of the ballot, so don't stop at the top! And it's not too late to VOLUNTEER.

Did you hear how they're predicting blacks to turn out in full force to vote for Barack--and simultaneously vote DOWN gay marriage. Irony, black people, irony! This is a civil rights issue.

In another smack-you-in-the-face with hypocrisy, how about them Mormons? I actually just wrote a letter to my one Mormon relative asking what his family's position is on gay marriage, since his church has donated over 80% of the funds to the yes on 8 campaign. They spent over 20 million dollars that could've gone to "protect families" who lost homes in Hurricane Ike, or to curing cancer. Instead, they sent it to stop gays from marrying. Which affects anyone how?

I need not belabor the point that Mormons know a little something about being marginalized, misunderstood, and mistreated. Funny they should be the ones now to marginalize, misunderstand, and mistreat! My two cents? They're bitter about not getting polygamy on the books. We shall see if my Mormon cousin writes me back...

Also on topic, gaycities has done an excellent feature up right now where celebrities speak out against hate in California. The piece features Margaret Cho, Joe Biden, Maria Shriver, Ugly Betty and many, many more...on the record!

Finally, my out column about urinal man---and how he may or may not relate to gay weddings-- is now up at OUT.COM. Comment over there if you read it. Edina, you helped me write it! To tell the truth, I think the forces that be may agree with your opinion---as this column didn't make the magazine. I think it's one of my best columns: the distinction we make between the deviant gay and the mainstream gay. However, Urinal man proved too scandalous for print, or maybe my point too confrontational.


Eddie in OKC said...

Jesse: I couldn't agree more. With your article and your feeling that it's one of your best. Write on!

Mark in DE said...

Wow, what a jam-packed post! I wasn't aware of Write to Marry day yesterday, but coincidentally posted an article today about gay marriage.

Be sure to tell us if your Mormon cousing writes back.

Mark :-)

Edina Monsoon said...

Oh my. I'm wasn't disowning the men with the feather boas and the latex suits. I am those men. Ok I don't own any latex, but I do have some nice lycra tops.

I couldn't care less how anyone lives their lives. My original comment was about timing, and about introducing provocative images of alternative lifestyles in an election year, where the new President will get to appoint as many as 4 Supreme Court Justices and define the interpretation of law for at least a generation.

For instance, in the tightly contested North Carolina Senate race, this week Democrat Kay Kagan was forced to run ads saying that Yes She Does Believe In God, in response to ads run by incumbent Elizabeth Dole alleging that Kagan was some kind of Godless Pagan Witch.

That is the reality of politics in America today. I just don't want to see us piss away our opportunity to change things.

PS I tried several times to post a comment on the website (about the column and what a huge fan I am of Jesse), but I kept getting blocked by their Firewall.

xx Eds

Joe Moore said...

gaycities left out a bunch of people, unless I missed a page or something.

I mean one that I can come up with that they missed was Wanda Sykes! She's in those commercials...and so is that young girl thing who sings...come on now. If we're going to put together a list, let's at least make it accurate!

Jesse Archer said...

Hey Joe, good call about Wanda Sykes.

Edina, believe it or not I do see your just unnerves me to see what kind of world we live in. Thanks for trying to leave a comment on the out site. I hope you find a way to do so. Maybe try a different computer?

Thanks, as always, for reading/participating...

Emma said...

I just wanted to say that Write to Marry Day actually included at least several non-gay bloggers. It makes me sad when anyone assumes that gay marriage is just being fought for by gays, because it underestimates both the issue and all of us who support equality.

Jesse Archer said...

Emma, you're so right. Sometimes I get caught up in my own little gay world. Thanks for opening my eyes, and thanks for your support of equality for all.