Friday, October 31, 2008

A Straight Bottom?

I witnessed him in Vegas and still can't quite believe my own eyes. Joining the mythical ranks of creatures from Nessie to the Yeti is the legend of the...straight bottom?

Sure enough, that's how one of our Playgirl models identified himself at our Las Vegas shoot. When pressed, he said he has amazing sex with his girlfriend. But he performs as gay porn bottom. "Why don't you do straight porn?" I ask, and he becomes a little ruffled. "Because my girlfriend would freak!"

By the end of the shoot, we want to go out and party, but the straight bottom resists. He's got to get to bed because he's got to be up early. He has an appointment with one of his clients in LA at 3pm. So what's going to happen with his client? "Oh, he'll finger my ass for an hour."

So why can't he just get fingered by his client later in the day? "Because I'm having sex with my girlfriend at 5."

Ahhh, modern romance is such a beautiful thing. But more than the straight bottom, I want to meet his girlfriend!


You said...

Wow! A straight bottom! It's almost as uncommon as a gay top...

Calen said...

that boy lies

and seriously, who plans a time to have sex?

"im gonna start taking my clothes off at 4:58...."

Lee said...

Was it Kurt Wild?

wish me luck tomorrow.


Mark in DE said...

I bet he's just young and not really straight. When he's 30 or so I bet he'll have ditched the girlfriend and will be happily bottoming exclusively with men. Mark my words.

Mark :-)