Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sin City!

If you don't believe in sin, does it exist?

I'm in Las Vegas--the epitome of America. Land of lights, luck, meth, obscene extravagance, and a hefty helping of shriveled ladies smoking beside slot machines at 4am. Ding, ding, ding, ding!

The bars here are open until dawn, which is one of the many reasons that a long weekend is the longest I'd dare stay. My friend Danny is sharing a room with Jared at the Monte Carlo. We all went out (til dawn), but Jared went gambling. He only gambled $20, and nobody heard from him until 5am, when he texted Danny. The transcript read:

Jared, 5: am:
I'm up 5,000 at poker!

Danny, 5:15 am:
Cash in and go to bed.

Danny, 5:30 am:
Or keep gambling, lose everything, and come back drunk and crying.

Guess what? Jared chose option B!

Jared just wanted a little bit upgrade all the many presents he was dreaming of buying, but at 9am he lost all $14000 of his chips, drank himself silly, and crawled back to his room blubbering like a mongoloid baby. The only thing he accomplished the rest of the day was a prolonged puke in the tub.


Mark in DE said...

If only we could just STOP while we are ahead!

That's why I don't gamble. Somebody (I don't remember who) once said to me "Only gamble as much as you are willing to lose", and since I'm a cheap bastard and don't want to lose anything, I don't gamble.

Mark :-)

Anonymous said...

On the subject of Las Vegas, a group of us were fortunate enough to attend their annual Black and White party to benefit Nevada AIDS. Truly, it was one of the best gay charity events we had ever enjoyed. For a resonable entrance fee we had all the free food and booze, booze, booze that we could handle. Sunset penthouse views over all of Vegas and swimming pool fun in the splendid Palms Hotel.
Thousands of beautiful people of all ages and genders, ultra friendliness, live music and entertainment, non-stop dancing until the wee hours. We will definately go there again and again. Movienut