Saturday, October 04, 2008

Say no to Prop 8. With your $$$

I'm not sold on Gay Marriage. Meaning, I don't know if it's for me. Bam asked why I would want marriage, and I told him if he's a veggie in the hospital I'd like the right to pull the plug!

I can think of a few other reasons: hospital visitation, inheritance, tax breaks, etc. In California gay couples who choose marriage are facing an important election. Proposition 8 is a hateful amendment that would outlaw gay marriage, and we can stop it.

Brad Pitt put $100,000 to fight it. So did Steven Spielberg. If our straight allies can fork over their cash, certainly we can collaborate. I don't have a lot of money, but I wrote a check for $25. Bam Bam matched me. Go here to contribute what you can. Imagine if we all contributed a little something. Help keep frickin' Star Trek's Sulu married to his husband! Please do what you can. C'mon, what else do I ask you for?

I also wrote a recent piece on gay grooms for the Gay List Daily. If you haven't signed up (the New York edition), do it now. It's free, it's fun...and totally irreverent. Oh, and I write it!


Ivana Humpalot said...

I can imagine your Bridal Shower.

Guests would be advised to wear waterproof latex.

Anonymous said...


In addition to voting NO on Prop 8, I hope California voters will vote Yes on Prop 2. Proposition 2 would outlaw barbaric and heinous farming practices. Pigs and calves are often confined to filthy, cramp cages for their entire lives. Often there is not enough room for them to turn around. I rarely eat red meat and would starve before I eat veal; however, if these products must be produced, let us treat these poor animals with as much decency as possible.

Your friend, Jimmy

Mark in DE said...

Here's a reason for gay marriage: It makes us legally equal to heteros, which is precisely the reason why they're so afraid of it. They don't want us to be legally equal to them or they won't be able to discriminate against us as easily.



Mark :-)