Thursday, October 09, 2008

Pri-Madonna Hangover

I'm just going to blog a few different posts all right now: Whatever comes to mind.

I hope you don't mind.

Let's start with Monday. I went to meet up with friends who were all prepping for the Madonna concert. I called it the pre-Madonna gathering. Get it?

So there we are at the Ritz with friends from as far away as Portland, Oregon, and several friends from, ok it was THE ENTIRE BUILDING of tenants who living at 447 West 45th street (homos!!) drinking in preparation for and anticipation of the Madonna Sticky & Sweet show.

They shared stories from past concerts, compared ticket seats, flipped through local gay rags (HX and Next) which both had Madonna on the cover. Even the bar conspired, playing only Madonna. Now I like Madonna. I $50 like her. I just don't $300 like her. And I really hate her latest album.

But when they all left, giggly and excited, and I found myself all alone at the bar listening to "Borderline" for the third time, I suddenly felt as lonely and out of place as a fag hag at 2 am. Like I was missing out on an important piece of culture.

Then again, the concert reports weren't all that glowing: She doesn't even do an encore.

So then yesterday, I'm on the set of Law & Order SVU and I'm with about 18 beautiful girls and we're supposed to be at a high end club. But really it's just a humdrum set in New Jersey. And the model girls all have to sit on the lap of this short, thin older latino, and he's got long slicked black hair and he is Carlos Leon, Madonna's baby daddy. Apparently he's playing a witness, or maybe a suspect, I don't know.

But I wonder if he's seeing little Lourdes while Momma Madge is in town. I'm play-acting, pretending to have fun because that's my job, but I'm surrounded by 18 beautiful women and feel just as lonely as I did back at the Ritz when everyone left, and there's one common thread:

It's Madonna's fault.


Scott said...

She NEVER does an encore!

Scott said...

The show was amazing. Check my footage on facebook.

Mark in DE said...

"Now I like Madonna. I $50 like her. I just don't $300 like her."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Mark :-)