Friday, October 24, 2008

Let's get Stupid!

This is far too over-the-brink genius not to post about! We all know this campaign has gotten ugly, we all want it to be over. I mean, killing a brown bear and putting Obama signs all over it on a North Carolina campus? Just sooo wrong. And then yesterday, a McCain supporter being robbed, and a "B" cut into her face. She told police that her attacker said he's "make a Barack supporter out of her". Turns out, she made the whole thing up.

Our first clue to the "intelligence" of vigilante McCain supporters who kill brown bears and viciously attack themselves in smear campaigns? she carved the B onto her face backwards!

Try not using a mirror next time, honey. And maybe an "O" instead --it's less work and you can't really carve it backwards.

Ashley Todd, Queen of the Mayonnaise people, is severely dyslexic retarded.


mistress maddie said...

I agree with you.This campaign is getting old now and needs to be over. When people start to cut backward B's in them you know people are starting to crack up! I have to admit she was pretty stupid for not using a mirror.

Joe Moore said...

...and that's who's supporting McCain for President! Mentally unstable people who shouldn't be allowed to choose the next most Powerful position in the world.

Edina Monsoon said...

I thought this was a pic from your Country & Western brawl in Washington DC.

Anonymous said...


Theses two incidents are horrible acts by sick, demented people. I can only say that I too denounce and deplore these people, just as I condemn and deplore Rev. Wright (Obama's racist minister) and Bill Ayers (Obama's nutty, Marxist-Leninist friend). However, it is unfair to judge a Presidential candidate by citing a few extremist supporters. Guilt by association is wrong under any circumstance.
I am often asked why I stay in the Republican party, given the intolerant nature of some in the party. My response is simple. If people like me leave, we will be handing over the G.O.P. to people like Pat Robertson and the nut who cut a backwards B on her face. Hopefully the "Rockefeller Republicans" and the Goldwater Libertarian wing will reassert themselves.
Your friend Jimmy

Anonymous said...

well said jimmy

Mark in DE said...

...there just aren't any words for what I'm thinking.

Mark :-)