Thursday, October 09, 2008

Is it me?

Some things I'm struggling with today:

Am I missing a crucial gay gene for not worshipping Madonna?

Why is there no synonym for mainstream in my thesaurus?

What the hell is an earmark?


Calen said...

no, lol, you're not

worshiping Madonna is just another gay assumption

earmark - a distinctive characteristic or attribute

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Don't worry about a gene for not worshipping Madonna - I don't think the human genome has developed a gene that specific: not yet anyway.

However, straight males seem to have one for worshipping pointy titties. If you don't worship Madonna and her pointy titties, then maybe you don't have that gene. Thus, not worshipping Madonna could actually be an "earmark" for gayness.

Hey, as politics shows, you can spin anything.

Earmark: 1. An identifying feature or characteristic. 2. A brand on the ear of a domestic animal. As a verb: 1. To set aside for a particular purpose. 2. To brand with an earmark. (American Heritage Dictionary, Third Edition)

Now, I'm worried there may be a gene for being a pedant.

Edina Monsoon said...

An Earmark is what you get on the side of your face when I slap you for saying you don't like Madonna.

PS Madonna is not just a gay assumption. She is an Immaculate Assumption.

Jesse Archer said...

earmark was just used far too much at the presidential debates, and I just don't understand the meaning!

Thank you, Edina, for clearing that up. I knew it related to Madonna.

I do like Madonna, just don't love her. Strangely, I do love Pointed titties.

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Glad you like the titties - guess that shoots my theory down. Still, I wouldn't worry about not liking Madonna, especially on aesthetic grounds.