Monday, October 27, 2008

Gutter Girls

Las Vegas, in 1,000 words:



Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

That's one hell of a picture - the sordid underside of "what Happens in Vegas ..."
Not something the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce would be very happy to see and acknowledge.

Edina Monsoon said...

When Danny was up 14 grand at poker, he could have hired all those girls and boys back for the night in your hotel room.

Instead he is puking in the toilet, and the hookers' dreams are trashed again.

I have a soft spot for hookers. Probably from watching too many Tart-with-a-Heart movies in my formative years.

You said...

From my experience it's best to arrive in Vegas for cocktails on a Friday afternoon, and get the hell out after your last mimosa during Sunday brunch. Come home, Jesse! You misses you!

Jeffrey said...

A heinous crime of discrimination -- I noted that there is no a boy in the bunch.

Danny said...

I was NOT the one puking, I was the one writing the prophetic foreshadowing texts which could have prevented Jared's loss of $14,000!

To be fair, though, he only REALLY lost $20 of his own money... the rest was just chips.

Mark in DE said...


Mark :-)