Thursday, October 09, 2008

Fan Mail

I haven't been receiving any fan mail for my blogs over at Playgirl, but the folks at Playgirl sure are hearing from fans of their videos! Here's one recent fan letter, from Jeff, in Florida.

What are the odds he was masturbating as he wrote it?

THANK-YOU Playgirl.

I viewed the Austin solo video for the second time. FANTASTIC.

Thank-you for providing such great male entertainment. I enjoyed watching the camera zoom in on his ball sack- not once but several times. It gives a great view of the size and shape of his testicles.

I enjoyed every close-up of his penis and this video was filled with close-ups.

I particularly enjoyed having my computer screen filled with his erect penis and watching him coax his penis into releasing its semen. It's beautiful to know that so many women...AND men are enjoying this classy male entertainment that Playgirl is famous for.

I would love to work for you and be a part of it all.

Also- got any Playgirl t-shirts? I would love to have one and show my support.


You, too, can be as inspired as Jeff. For more zooming onto ball sacks, head on over to Playgirl. Write em a letter, tell em I sent you. In the meantime, since the appetite is insatiable, I'll share a little something more from Burning Man.

Just spreading the sunshine


Margot Leadbetter said...

My Goodness. 6 posts in an afternoon? I think you found another pill under the couch.

I think "Jeff" is really Richard Griffiths. Or maybe Estelle Parsons.

Z said...

OH MY MY! Excellent! I love the fact he is wearing evil eye neclace!

Mark in DE said...

Aw, that's so sweet when a satisfied customer takes the time to write a letter of appreciation, AND includes such detail. His letter restores my faith in the human race!

Mark :-)