Monday, October 06, 2008


Yesterday at 5 am I passed out on a train, missed a transfer, and when I got back on track I passed out again and missed my stop. Previously I was with my favorite blogger, chugging a bottle of champagne from behind a giant planter on a side-street in Queens.

Oddly, Bam Bam barely beat me after a debaucherous night of his own.

When we woke up early and unrested, as is always the case after a long night of drinking, we decided the only cure would be to go and see people who were more miserable than we were.

How were the Netflix Movie Marathoners doing up in Times Square? We hobbled up there to gawk at their 4th day of straight movie watching---4 days without sleep. There are now only 2 contestants left. And boy do they look beat!

$10,000 and a Guiness book entry is so not worth this.
The final two have taken to standing, so they won't pass out. Which is the tactic I should've employed on the subway the night before.

And their eyes---the eyes look like they've taken punches: black from sleep deprivation.

Outside the booth, this lady who looked homeless and had one of those toothless mouths that shakes when she talks was eagerly telling me how three other contestants fell out earlier in the morning, she watched them all: one, two, three, go down.

The lady adds that the guy on the right has another Guinness Book record...that he stood on one foot for 175 hours or something and I wonder quickly what has become of me? I willingly came up here to participate and watch this and listen to a homeless lady narrate a brutal game and suddenly schaudenfraude doesn't feel so good or funny or make me feel better at all.


Mark in DE said...

Wow, sounds like YOU's birthday party was a real blast!

And I agree with you: $10K isn't worth staying awake for 4 days.

Mark :-)

You said...

How come you didn't mention our Kodak Photo Op with the homeless person? Or is that just way too controversial for The Brink? ;)