Friday, October 03, 2008

Couch Potato Heaven! In Times Square!

So I'm in Times Square yesterday and you'll never guess what's going on! It's the Netflix Massive Movie Marathon... and the glass room below is filled with 8 contestants watching films continuously in an attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records and win $10,000.

Lastnight, at just 8 1/2 hours into the competition....
The current record is 120 hours, or more than five days. And once you fall asleep, you're out. The contestants inside are forced to actually watch the movies, they can't take their eyes off the screen. There are monitors to make sure this happens. Of course there are distractions, with people like me outside yelling. "Don't let her go to the bathroom! She's packin' meth in her coochie!"

To stay awake watching films like ELVIRA and the ENGLISH PATIENT, you'll need a stock of meth in your coochie.
Here's one of the couches. The contestants are in red netflix jumpsuits. The guy in black is monitoring the contestants.

I'm reminded of They Shoot Horses, Don't They? which is one of the best film's I've ever seen. The film is set in the depression, when they had Dance Marathons with big prizes. People would pay entrance to watch couples dance, dance, dance until they dropped trying to win.
Do you think this will be in their Netflix Queue?
In the 1930's these endurance marathons were about exercise. In a 2008 depression, all you have to do is sit and eat popcorn and keep your eyes open.

Oh-but the best part? This morning, Richard Simmons is dropping in to give for a light stretch!

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Mark in DE said...

In my Netflix queue are "Slutty Summer" and "A Four Letter Word"!

Just kidding, I've already seen them both and loved 'em. Maybe I'll see them again...

Mark :-)