Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy (virtual) Birthday, Cooldan!

Cooldan just had his birthday, but he wasn't around. So what did we do? The invitation went something like this:

We've always tried to pull off something memorable for Cooldan's birthday --whether it was the flower power party with bums in the east river park, or the trinity party at Crazy's house where his three decades were celebrated by 3 Mae West impersonators, or last year when we insisted he was turning 40, and everyone accepted it without question!!!

Our silver fox is turning 33 today, and we're celebrating with our most inventive party yet! We're orchestrating a virtual birthday party: That's right, you all and I will be there but the birthday boy will not, repeat Cooldan will not be at his birthday party!

It'll almost be like a wake, only he's still alive! Cooldan's working over-time in Paris.

But that doesn't mean we can't honor the boy with some merriness and blow him, er, his candles out. Then we'll toss it on twitter, type him texts, tag it all onto facebook, and who knows--maybe we'll wake him up across the pond for an ichat!?

An absentee birthday party is the first of its kind, and as we ALL know, Dan has so few firsts left....


Rob, Steve, Crazy Dan, Jamie Ranieri our Fruit Fli and her lovely bf Marco
Crazy Dan (preparing to enter "the fog) with Josh and Jamie
The Italians showed up to give us the latest in 3-D fab. Milan is always first in fashion!
Bam Bam, JMP, Keith Michael, and Jesse
Sean, Shari Albert and Todd corner genius columnist Michael Musto
Hell's Kitchen in the house! Caleb, Matthew and Wayne
A spirited "Happy Birthday" to Cooldan's voice mail.
Happy Virtual Birthday, Dan!!!
There's a bum who sleeps outside on my stoop. He was so amused by all the people entering the building, that he stood outside with another homeless friend and kept up a running commentary. When my friend Danny entered, they asked: "Is there an orgy going on up there?"

And when my friend Angela came in the building, he told her: "You're only the fourth vagina."

At one point there were so many people, that the smokers spilled out onto the back fire escape. It abuts the neighbor's window. They are a young family and were asleep on Friday night. The mother woke up, looked outside and started counting: "My God, there are ten people standing outside our window!"

"What are you doing out there?" she flipped. "We have a 4 year old in bed with us. And we're trying to sleep!"

One partygoer dryly puffs: "We're just trying to smoke. You're the one talking about being in bed with a 4-year old."


Maybe they'll move to the burbs? Although there's no worry about drunk driving here, there are still times when you're too crunk to crawl in a cab. could (like my friend Justin) turn into Polly Amorous.

In any case, out came the inflatable bed.


Stephen said...

OH MY GOD! I cant believe you put that pic on there!

You said...

Who's that lucky boy in the middle of the aerobed sandwich? Pierre? ;-)

Margot Leadbetter said...

The Floral Wallpaper. Very Blanche Devereaux's bedroom. So is the big cake. And the roomful of men

That picture of your neighbors doing a 3 way on the inflatable bed. The kid looks older than 4.

Anonymous said...

hmmm . . . someone needs a tan :)


Z said...

Well Well! I missed a great party! Damn! LOL

Mark in DE said...

Only a real friend will host a birthday party for you even if you can't be there!

Mark :-)

shari said...

ok- I JUST saw these pics. Why do I always leave before the inflatable bed comes out?? I blame "crazy" and his devastating cock-tails.
TWO DAYS to recover my friend! But after meeting Cool Dan, I TOTALLY get it. MMMMMWaaaaaahhhhh!

shari said...

Why do I always take off before the inflatable bed comes out to play??
i blame Crazy and his insane cock-tails!