Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cat's out of the Bag

I've come across some things recently that are from very reliable sources. Direct from the horses mouth. It ain't gossip if it's true:

Not that any of you watch Fox (Faux) news, but Bill Hemmer hosts "America's Newsroom" from 9 to 11 in the mornings. And my source who works for the network says he's gay as gay can be. And what's worse? Sometimes Bill Hemmer gets furious when they go to a commercial break. He'll yell at the producers, "That's not what we went over! That's not what we ran through earlier!" because they'd toss something up that was totally right wing, wrong and unreal. And why would this adorable gay man (who is, I'm told, a real liberal) blatantly lie?

Mr. Hemmer says this in a recent article about his work for Fox: "We’re a business. Viewers count. Ratings count. The store has got to stay open. We need customers.”

In other words, my dear, selling your soul to the devil?

2) I always thought Ellen Degeneres was the sweetest, most approachable person on the planet. I'm told she's not that nice, but then again nice is a characteristic one doesn't associate with extreme courage. It could be her handlers, because dear old (drunk!), courageous Ellen has so many proxies she doesn't even know what's going on in her own show and the simple act of deciding which color card she'll hold up on-air has to go through an arduous checks and balances process involving all five producers signing off. And apparently these producers are the worst human beings imaginable ----so much so, that they say in LA that if you do get a job working on "Ellen", it's not if you'll get fired...but when.

3) The East Village landmark, St. Brigid's Church (on Avenue B) is a catholic landmark since 1848, and was instrumental in the spiritual lives of Irish immigrants coming over to New York during the potato famine. Well, the Catholic church put it up for sale (to pay for all their pederasty lawsuits) which had East Village preservationists in an uproar. It was miraculously saved by a $20 million dollar gift from an anonymous donor. The papers are all agog, wondering who it could be. Saving a precious local landmark? Could it be a devout catholic hero?

Wrong. The $20 million was donated by a resident of the Christadora House, which lies across the street from St. Brigids. Catholic, nothing. He donated $20 million to keep his view!


Joe Moore said...

I've met Ellen in person a few times, and I can tell you that she as an individual is a very approachable and nice person. I'm sure that the bad vibes people are getting are from her producers, who get paid to be pains in the asses because they are detail people and probably high maintenance.

But as far as Ellen is concerned, I've met a bunch of celebs over the years and she's one of the good ones. :-)

mistress maddie said...

Very intresting about Bill Hemmer. I have seen him on Fox here and there and can't say it ever occured to me he was gay! And by the way,a very nice blog. Great reading, but then I always enjoyed your column in Out magzine too. I'll check in again,I want to read more!

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

A gay person at Fox News? Say it ain't so.

But maybe there's something there for your Fire Island script: hot but closeted high profile right-wing media figure tries to go incognito at a weekend house party on the Island. And guess who he runs into who is also trying to go
incognito ? His fat old right-wing boss, in drag.

Although if your informant is right, it's kind of sad for that anchor man. Nothing to make fun of, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I've always thought Bill Hemmer is adorable, but he's straight opr at least closeted. Check out the link:

Mark in DE said...

Ooooo, I just love reading all this "insider" stuff from a REAL CELEBRITY like yourself!

I always had a feeling about Bill Hemmer.

Mark :-)