Thursday, September 18, 2008

You better DO IT, Friends!

Some kudos to several friends who I'm really proud of and happy for:

Congratulations to Melissa and John Fordham who got married last weekend!! They invited me, but I couldn't make it down to Florida. They were definitely in my thoughts last Saturday even though I was busy. Around the time they were saying "I do" I was doing vodka shots out of a porn star's foreskin.

Chad and Scott of Three Custom Color makeup won the Allure Magazine award for Best Sheer Lipstick. And yes, it looks great on pigs!

Actress Margaret Echeverria booked and shot an episode of P.Diddy's reality show. Apparently Daddy has gotten so Puff, that he's on a diet. Margaret was cast as a tough German frau in charge of making him stick to his diet. I hear she slaps donuts out of his hands, and wrestles him to the ground to take away a sandwich. This I can't wait to see. It airs 9/23 on MTV.

After a double masectomy and endless chemotherapy, Sharon has moved back to New York from Florida. She says chemo is like the taste of aluminum foil, only it's coursing through your veins. Metallic. But that toxic drip has worked wonders. She's cancer free, and looks better than ever.

Executive Producer Mich Lyon and Director Casper Andreas have returned from a trip to Los Angeles, having raised the entire budget (!) for their next film, Going Down in La La Land, based on the book by Andy Zeffer.

Last weekend, I ran into Shequida. Because I don't watch tv, I had no idea she competed this summer on the television show "America's Got Talent". Shequida has the unique status of being New York's only opera singing Juilliard trained drag queen. She made it to the finals, only to be voted off in favor of a four year old child who sang "America the Beautiful." And the girl was no Shirley Temple.

Shequida did the exact same performance as she did in the show for us at the Ice Palace on Fire Island. Then gave us the dish. She said she knew she wouldn't win, especially against a white girl singing America the Beautiful. But that wasn't her reason for putting herself out there in front of 11 million viewers.

"I know about racism in America," she said. "And I know about homophobia in America. But I did the show so that some little black kid out there in the sticks who dreams about putting on dresses could see that it's possible."

All I have to say to that is, BRAVO! We need more like her.

Here's a clip of Shequida on the show:


melissa said...

Thanks, Jesse! We missed you -- the wedding was a little less exciting without you, but we made it through!

And now that I know EXACTLY what you were doing when Jon and I said "I do" that moment has even more meaning. :)

Congrats to everyone else on this post, too!

Melissa & Jon

Eddie said...

I don't usually watch AGT, but I did happen to stumble in the night Shequida was voted off. Please tell her she made so many of us proud.

Anonymous said...

I think it is Mich Lyon.......

Margot Leadbetter said...

Drinking Vodka shots from a Foreskin. Otherwise known as a "Siberian Slug".

You said...

A Syberian Slug?! I love it!