Monday, September 15, 2008

Tina Fey, You're Next!

I'm being stalked by the cast of 30 Rock!

On Wednesday, I attended the world premiere of the new Pacino/DeNiro flick "Righteous Kill".

Outside the Ziegfeld, Pacino (in the center -in red-) looks like something out of Fraggle Rock.
In the middle of the film, I went out to the lobby to catch up on text-messaging (yes, the film is that good) and out in the lobby I found a whole bunch of people catching up on text-messaging!

Among them, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani. He didn't mention 9/11 once.

There was also a guy in teva-type shoes with curly fry toes sticking out and he had another guy cornered. One of the Ziegfeld workers came up and told him "Please don't bother the guests," and then the one man escapes and it is Tracy Jordan, from 30 Rock. He looks directly at me as he walks past and says, "Weird. That guy is weird, man!" I nod knowingly.

Tracy Jordan, weirdo magnet
Then on Friday, I go out to Fire Island and get off the train at Sayville to see none other than the blonde from 30 Rock, Jane Krakowski, getting into the shuttle van which takes us to the ferry. Some of the boys tell her how much they love her work, and she thanks them. But she is alone: one woman in a sea of gay men. I have no idea why she's going out to the Pines all alone, but I kind of love her for it.

Jane Krakowski, fire island fruit fly
At the ferry dock she heads right inside to the bar. Of course I am already there. She smiles right at me, then turns to the ATM. I am about 3 feet away. I don't manage to see her balance, but she takes out $100.

Oh, and I know her pin.


Edina Monsoon said...

And you know she took out $100 because when you whacked her and grabbed her handbag, that's how much was in it.


Jesse Archer said...

Actually, I only netted $93. I let her have a cocktail first.