Thursday, September 11, 2008

Image Consultant Needed

I worked last week dressing (and undressing!) mannequins in midtown for a showroom setup. The boss is a great guy named George. And as we're pinning and draping and playing with the mannequins he starts to tell me about his new website which advertises his fashion stylist services.

So we go over to the receptionist and look it up on her computer. On his "image consulting" website are stylish portraits and text that begins with:

Every single article of clothing you wear says everything about you...

Which made me look down at what I was wearing that day. I turned to George.

"So George," I ask him.

"What does this Hanes v-neck t-shirt with a slightly imperfect stamp say about me?"


Anonymous said...

Just my opinion, but I think your hanes v-neck t-shirt with the slightly imperfect stamp says that you are comfortable with every part of yourself and most people are too.

All the Best,

The Blackout Blog said...

That and one of your boobs sags more than the other.

Jesse Archer said...

Ha! It's the left boob that sags.

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Did George suggest adding Hanes hosiery to the look??

Mark in DE said...

Oh dear god... I wonder what a $4. clearance rack shirt and a $6. pair of Crocs KNOCK-OFFS say about me???

Mark :-)