Saturday, September 20, 2008

How the world was saved by a hungry power bottom!

At Burning Man there are all sorts of classes, events, and gatherings at camps all across Black Rock City. My friends were very interested in attending the woo woo seminar on Eckhardt Tolle's A New Earth. Or meditative chanting at the temple.

Instead, I went to check out the Butt Hole Puppet Show.

Camp Comfort & Joy, they had all sorts of classes right up my alley. There was erotic nude male drawing, erotic massage class, glitter body painting, they even had "cat show and tell" where you could go and talk about how much you missed your cat (skipped that one).

Also inside the tent was a sign designating a seat for "Puddles", the camp "Courtesy Bottom". The mere idea of a courtesy bottom had me in mild hysterics all week. Especially a courtesy bottom with the unfortunate name "Puddles". Each time I entered that tent and saw someone having sex, I wondered: could this be Puddles?

I spoke with Digger who told me the camp (based in SF) was created as a "sensual play space" that didn't have to be a dark room. A place where dancing happens next to sex, next to art, next to conversation, next to people sleeping. And why shouldn't it?

When I flipped through my Burning Man program and read that Puddles, courtesy bottom, was starring in the Butthole Puppet Players production of "The American Ream", you know I forgot to go chant at the temple.

On stage was George Bush, as an ass. All he did was say "terrorism!" and "Democracy!" and in between those two words he'd just fart (not unlike Sarah Palin, in a recent televised interview). Cheney then came onstage as a penis who talked about pulling people out of caves and giving them the American Ream.
George and Dick didn't miss a beat.
Suddenly, Puddles the courtesy bottom appeared (following a "tour of booty") to banish Bush and Cheney. He sucked them up his bottom, screeching, "Who knew the treasure palace of my ass was also a portal to another dimension?"

Puddles is an American hero. He even has his own theme song, which we learned at the show:

For the horny or the loner/Anyone with half a boner/Call Puddles, the courtesy bottom!

When your orgy's short on holes/Pass around a bottom bowl/With Puddles, the courtesy bottom!

Although I've never heard of an orgy short on holes, let's hear it for Puddles and Bottom Pride!

I believe they're taking the show on the road around the bay area, so look out! Until then, meet Puddles in the promo below:


Margot Leadbetter said...

Doesn't Puddles look like Ann Miller?

Anonymous said...

They say Burning Man is a gifting culture so it's great to see people give the gift of themselves...and so unlimitedly!

jpfreeman said...

it's your appreciation for the unusual and your often choosing to take the road less traveled that makes me appreciate you and want to join you in those travels, but sometimes, dear friend, you make me go "eew."

Spilled Drambuie said...

Jesse, you're my hero!

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

At last the "Decider" is literally the butt of a joke.

Jesse Archer said...

Hey guys, thanks for your comments!

Margot, you could be on to something. Ann Miller was a firm believer in re-incarnation...

Mark in DE said...

Just when you think you've seen and heard it all, come Puddles the Courtesy Bottom!

I'm still reeling from this...

Mark :-)

Mark said...

I was fascinated and mesmorized by how animated Puddles's cheeks are in the video. YAY!