Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fashion Week

A big congratulations to friends JMP and Cooldan who put on an amazing show in the Bryant Park fashion week tent today. The Matthew Williamson spring/summer 09 collection looked stunning.

It was my first time in the tents and although fashion is not my raison d'etre, it was exciting to be in the same room as Anna Wintour, Nina Garcia, and about 12,000 cameras.

This dress was my favorite

The Wall Street Journal says "the show was a jolt of energy with a sun shower of hot pink, yellow, and swirls of chiffon." And those models really needed a jolt of that sun shower of color!

Fembots!!! Uber-bony, tit-free, and walking while leaning backwards at an impossibly steep 30 degree angle. I have no idea why. Must be murder on the lower-lumbar.

The sparkly collection breathed them some life.


Mark in DE said...

I'd like to be in the tents to experience fashion week... just once.

Mark :-)

Edina Monsoon said...

Next time you see that Nina Garcia just give her a big hard Open-Hand Slap to the face. No, actually, make it a Full Force Punch to the Mouth.

For making that little "fierce" fag the Project Runway Champion.

The Fat Guy in the Leopard Print should have won. I mean he used Real Hair. I wish he'd used Nina's real hair, with the scalp attached.

Jesse Archer said...

Ha! Edina, I don't watch much tv so I actually had to be told who she was. I wish we could've traded bodies, as I would've loved to see that cat-fight.

Jean-Manuel said...

Thank you so much Jesse for posting such a great review on Matthew's show. Next time I will make sure you get a well-deserved first row seat between...Anna and Nina!! I was so happy to have you and Bambam. Love you! Jean-Manuel