Saturday, September 06, 2008

DVD Release party tonight!

Party tonight rain or shine. Hurricane Hanna can suck it!

Join me tonight at XES bar tonight (at 9pm) for the A Four Letter Word DVD release party. Give-aways! Cast appearances! Blow jobs! Ok, never know.

Our little baby is out on DVD with plenty of extras: behind the scenes footage, bloopers, interviews and a super juicy fun commentary with Casper Andreas --where in the studio he only censored me like...once or twice!

If you can't make it tonight to win it, or buy it for just $10, buy the DVD here.


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Hanna is passing thru Virginia right now (11 AM) and amounts to nothing more than a moderate douche - very wet, but no wind - at least in Central Virginia.
So, your release party shouldn't be affected by the dribbles. Have fun, and wish I could be there.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mr. Archer!

Cant wait!

Oh... BTW

will Adam Joseph be there?

Jesse Archer said...

Thanks for the update Tony!

And yup, Adam Joseph will be there DJ'ing!

You said...

Ugh, I'm soooooo hungover and am accepting all clues so I can piece together my evening last night. But I may just have to drag my dry ass out to XES to oggle my Internet Crush, offline and in the flesh...

renotony said...

I wish Bob and I could make it... But we had our own little A Four Letter Word party last night. We watched it and allllll the extras - we had a great time - (the grape vodka went well with the whole theme).

Tony (Reno)

Anonymous said...

what a fabulous evening . . . to bad it had to end.


stephen said...

Wish I could be there,, but since I have seen "Four Letter Word" ,,, I will buy some copies...

So glad you are blogging again,,


Mark in DE said...

Hope you guys had a ball at the party!

Mark :-)